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Inactive Working Groups

ENUM Working Group

The ENUM Working Group discusses developments relating to Internet resource mapping using E.164 telephone numbers as identifiers, commonly known as ENUM. Read More

EIX Working Group

The EIX working group provided a means for the RIPE Internet Service Provider (ISP) community to find out about the status and activities of Internet Exchange Points (IXP) within the region. It was discontinued at the RIPE 67 Meeting in Athens in October 2013. The Connect BoF was established to discuss a charter for a potential new working group that would serve the needs of the interconnection community. These pages are maintained for archive purposes. Read More

Anti-Spam Working Group

The RIPE Anti-Spam Working Group has been renamed to the Anti-Abuse Working Group. These pages are maintained for archive purposes. Read More

Test Traffic Working Group

The purpose of the Test Traffic Measurements is to independently measure the performance parameters of the Internet using test traffic boxes located in the networks of participating ISP's. Read More


The NetNews working group coordinated news traffic to decrease the load on the backbones. Read More

Technical Security (TechSec) Working Group

The Technical Security Working Group (techsec-wg) acted as a forum to discuss technical issues related to improving the security of the Internet infrastructure. Read More

TLD Working Group

The now inactive RIPE TLD Working Group discussed any TLD-related matters. Read More

Tools Working Group

The goal of the Tools Working Group is to discuss the development of the NCC LIR Portal and associated tools. Read More

EOF Working Group

The European Operators Forum dealt with the operational issues of networks in Europe, such as new backbones and Internet Exchange Points. Peter Lothberg was the Chair. It was replaced first by the currently inactive EOF Working Group, and then by a the EOF @ RIPE Meetings (see below for details). Read More

Domain Name Registration Working Group

The DNR Working Group existed to create a channel of communication between ccTLD registries and the wider community. Read More

MBONE Working Group

The MBONE working group discussed traffic on the Multicast Backbone. Read More