WG Chair Biographies

Routing Working Group Chair Biographies

Ignas Bagdonas

Ignas Bagdonas has been involved in the network engineering field for the last two decades, covering operations, deployment, design, architecture, development, and standardisation aspects. He has worked on multiple large SP and enterprise networks worldwide, participated in many of the world's first technology deployments, and has been involved with building community awareness via conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Ignas is currently co-chair of the RIPE Routing Working Group. His focus covers end-to-end network architecture evolution and new emerging technologies.

Paul Hoogsteder

Paul started a Dutch dial-up Internet business in 1994. Since then he has worked for a number of Netherlands, UK and US based companies, including Extreme Networks and PSInet.

Currently he runs Meanie, his own little conglomerate that supports several Internet companies all over the world as well as Meanie Distilling, which produces a range of award-winning spirits.

An active member of the Internet community since the 90's; attending his first RIPE meeting in 1998. Paul has been an AMS-IX board member and actively promotes IPv6. He has keen interests in BGP, IRRs, RPKI and transmission technologies.

Ben Cartwright-Cox

Ben Cartwright-Cox is a Systems Engineer in the day and bad-ideas-blogger on the side. After building a WAF, helping operate a large CDN, and rejigging a Bank’s payment gateways, Ben is currently focused on making day-to-day BGP operations less awful with bgp.tools.