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Routing Working Group

The Routing Working Group is concerned with all aspects of IP routing technologies. This includes dissemination and discussion of issues affecting operators, new technologies and new applications of current technologies, and discussion of concerns relevant to inter and intra-AS routing.

The Routing Working Group is also the forum for discussion of those aspects of RIPE Database evolution related to network configuration, in particular those referred to as the Internet Routing Registry. This activity is carried out in coordination with the RIPE Database Working Group and other IRRs.

The Routing Working Group aims to produce Best Common Practice documents related to the above issues.

Working Group Minutes

The Routing Working Group meets at most RIPE Meetings. The minutes of these meetings are archived. Earlier minutes are part of the general RIPE minutes available as RIPE Documents from the RIPE Document Store. Starting with RIPE 25 the RIPE minutes only contain a short overview of the individual Working Group sessions. The full minutes are available on this site.

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The Routing Working Group defined the RIPE Routing Registry and promoted it worldwide. The WG exchanges information about the various Routing Registries. It is concerned with the growth of routing tables on the Internet and is working to decrease their size in Europe. Anyone with an interest in routing is welcome to observe and participate. To post a message to the list, send an email to [email protected] Please note that only subscribers can post messages.