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WG Chair Biographies

DNS WG Chair Biographies

João Luis Silva Damas

João is currently working as a Senior Researcher at APNIC.

Previously, he has worked at ISC (Internet Systems Consortium) as Chief Technology Officer overseeing technical developments. Before that, he served as Chief Technology Officer at the RIPE NCC and later founded a consulting and research company, Bond Internet Systems. He also co-founded a DNS startup, Hivecast, which was acquired by Dyn Inc.

He has organised the RIPE plenary programme for around 7 years and launched the current RIPE Programme Committee.

In 2008, together with colleagues, João launched ESNOG to bring together Spanish ISP's to interact with each other, an activity that continues to this day.

Shane Kerr

Shane Kerr is a DNS Software Developer at NS1.

He started his involvement with Internet organisations when he worked at ARIN as a Software Engineer. While there he helped implement ARIN’s first IPv6 registry. Since then he moved to the RIPE NCC, working on the RIPE Database and eventually managed the RIPE NCC Software Engineering department. Shane joined ISC, best known for making the BIND DNS server, working on the ISC team that added DHCPv6 support to the ISC DHCP server. He led on the BIND 10 project at ISC, also spending time as the Director of DNS Software. He helped build the software for Dyn’s Hivecast system. He acted as the Chief Architect at BII Labs, working on researching alternate models for DNS root server deployment, DNS standards, and Open Source DNS Software development. After a brief stint working on the DNS for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, he started working as a Software Developer at NS1, an innovative DNS company delivering both managed DNS and DDI.

Shane served as a RIPE IPv6 Working Group co-chair for several years, was on the RIPE Programme Committee for two terms, and is currently one of the RIPE DNS Working Group co-chairs. Outside of RIPE, he has also served on the DNS OARC Program Committee and the PeeringDB Product Committee.

Moritz Müller

Moritz Müller is a research engineer at SIDN, the registry of the Dutch ccTLD where he started in 2015. There, he works for the research department, SIDN Labs, carrying out studies on all things related to the DNS, DNSSEC and domain name abuse. Among others, he studied the first Root KSK rollover, DNSSEC key rollovers in general, and the deployment of future quantum-safe algorithms in DNSSEC. At the same time, he develops solutions with the goal to detect malicious domain names and to support domain name abuse analysts.

Since 2017, Moritz is a guest researcher at the University of Twente in the Netherlands at the Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS) group. He defended his PhD thesis titled "Making DNSSEC Future Proof" in 2021. In the same year, he joined the DNS Working Group as co-chair.

Originally from Southwest Germany, Moritz is living in the Netherlands since 2014.

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