Remote Sessions

The DNS Working Group is holding remote sessions outside of RIPE Meetings organised via teleconference and open to everyone. 

More information about this initiative is available on RIPE Labs.




15 April 2020

Managing the trust anchor of the DNS against adversity
- Kim Davies, Vice President, IANA Functions, PTI

6 May 2020

Effect of a global pandemic on DNS utilization
- Steve DeJong, Neustar
COVID-19 influence on resolver traffic
- Peter van Dijk, PowerDNS and Pieter Lexis, PowerDNS

27 May 2020

Changes to .ORG Signing
- Joe Abley, PIR and Suzanne Woolf, PIR
DNS and IPv6
- João Damas, APNIC and Geoff Huston, APNIC

17 June 2020

The NXNSAttack Vulnerability
- Ralph Dolmans, NLnetLabs, and Lior Shafir, Tel Aviv University

The Impact of Post Quantum Cryptography on DNSSEC
- Moritz Müller, SIDN

8 July 2020

To be determined


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