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Database WG Chair Selection Process

1. A call for interested parties is made on the WG mailing list at yearly intervals.

2. Interested parties have 2 weeks to make their interest known, again on the mailing list.

3. The DB-WG chairs issue a call for discussion as per normal. WG members express their approval or otherwise of the presented candidates.

4. After two weeks the chairs declare consensus as they would do for a policy proposal.

5. There shall be a maximum number of 3 co-chairs.

6. If at the end of the discussion phase there are more than 3 proposed co-chairs then a call is made for any of the candidates to withdraw.

7. If there are still more than 3 candidates then names are put into a hat and the first three names drawn from the hat will take on the role of chairs for the next 12 months.

Notes: Discussions as to colour, shape or ownership of hat are out of scope.

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