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Connect Working Group

The Connect Working Group will:

  • Facilitate discussions about interconnection for Internet purposes, covering Layer 1-8
  • Raise awareness in the community about interconnection and the role it plays in the global Internet
  • Educate policymakers/regulators in how interconnection works
  • Act as knowledge base for interconnection-related questions

The activities of the working group to achieve these goals are, without being exhaustive:

  • Present and discuss topics related to IP interconnection at the RIPE Working Groups Meetings
  • Discuss topics related to IP interconnection on the Connect Working Group Mailing List
  • Monitor and take part in discussions in related working groups, such as the Cooperation Working Group and the Routing Working Group
  • Actively seek to take part in IP interconnection discussions taking place outside of the community


Co-Chair Start of Term End of Term
Remco van Mook RIPE 68 RIPE 86
Florence Lavroff RIPE 68 RIPE 86
Will van Gulik RIPE 76 RIPE 88

Next selection: RIPE 86


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The Connect Working Group discusses all subjects related to IP interconnection, raises awareness about interconnection and its role on the global Internet, and educates policymakers on how interconnection works. To post a message to the list, send an email to [email protected] Please note that only subscribers can post messages.