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Address Policy WG Chair Selection Process

The RIPE Address Policy Working Group aims to maintain a team of two Chairpersons whenever possible.

Selecting a Chairperson

Once a year one of the chairs will step down, allowing new candidates the opportunity to become chair. The chairs take turns stepping down, and this is announced to the working group mailing list at least one month before the start of a RIPE meeting.

The working group will select new chair(s) at the RIPE Address Policy Working Group session. Those present at the session, either in person or remotely, will determine by consensus among themselves who takes the available position(s). The remaining chair will determine whether consensus has been reached. If the working group finds itself without a chair the RIPE chair will determine consensus.

If no consensus can be reached then a secret ballot to elect the new chair(s) will be held at the working group session. Everyone physically present at the session can participate in the secret ballot. Votes will be counted by RIPE NCC Staff, and the result will be determined using proportional representation through the single transferable vote, otherwise known as PR-STV. The winner(s) of the secret ballot will become the new chair(s).

Running for Chairperson

Anybody is allowed to volunteer for a vacant chair position, including former chairs. Volunteers make themselves known by introducing themselves as a candidate on the working group mailing list before the start of the RIPE meeting.

Those who volunteer to chair the RIPE Address Policy Working Group should be aware of the responsibilities and work this involves. A description of the responsibilities of a RIPE working group chair can be found in "Working Group Chair Job Description and Procedures".

Removing a Chairperson

When a significant number of participants in the working group are unsatisfied with a particular chair, and this cannot be resolved by discussion within the working group, they can call for a vote of no confidence. The vote must be requested on the mailing list at least one week before a RIPE meeting. The vote will be resolved using a secret ballot, which will be held at the working group session. Everyone physically present at the meeting can participate. The votes will be counted by RIPE NCC Staff and the result is determined by simple majority. If the vote is passed the chair who is the subject of the vote will step down immediately.

No Chairs

If a working group is left with no chair then they may elect an interim chair according to the selection procedures specified above, but with candidates nominated at the working group session. An interim chair must step down at the next working group session, but may stand for re-selection.

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