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Active Working Groups

Address Policy Working Group

The Address Policy Working Group develops policies relating to the management and registration of Internet addresses and routing identifiers (currently IPv4, IPv6 and ASN) by the RIPE NCC and the LIRs within the RIPE NCC Service Region. Read More

Anti-Abuse Working Group

The Anti-Abuse Working Group aims to tackle online abuse from both the technical and non-technical angles Read More

Connect Working Group

The Connect Working Group discusses all subjects related to IP interconnection, raises awareness about interconnection and its role on the global Internet, and educates policymakers on how interconnection works. Read More

Cooperation Working Group

The cooperation working group primarily discusses outreach from the traditional RIPE community to everyone else, especially governments, regulators and NGOs, all of whom we are trying to bring into our community. Read More

Database Working Group

The Database Working Group deals with all issues related to the RIPE Database. Changes of existing objects, creation of new objects and features, and distribution of databases and security issues are discussed here. Read More

DNS Working Group

Discussion on current DNS-related issues in technology and operations. Read More

Internet of Things Working Group

This list was created to facilitate the exchange of information concerning the Internet of Things, particularly as it may have impact on RIPE NCC, RIPE or our stakeholders' operations. The list is also a platform to inform each other about proceedings in other relevant standards bodies or governance structures, and may be used to discuss and formulate common positions amongst participants on IoT related topics. Read More

IPv6 Working Group

Following the progress of specification and implementation of IPv6. Read More

MAT Working Group

The Measurement Analysis and Tools (MAT) Working Group provides a forum in which the RIPE NCC and the community can collaborate in the areas of data, tools and analysis relating to the Internet and its infrastructure, with a loose focus on monitoring, diagnosis, analysis and forecasting. Read More

Open Source Working Group

The Open Source Working Group fosters discussion among developers, Internet Service Providers and the rest of the RIPE community about open source projects related to the RIPE community. Read More

RIPE NCC Services Working Group

Discussion about new and existing RIPE NCC services and evaluating the RIPE NCC's yearly Activity Plan. Read More

Routing Working Group

Discussion and information exchange about Routing Registries. Read More

Working Group Chair Biographies

Working Group Chair Biographies Read More