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RIPE Working Groups

RIPE Working Groups are composed of community members working together to discuss specific topics that are within the scope of the RIPE community.

Each working group has a charter and a number of goals. A working group typically exists as long as there is sufficient interest in discussing the topic for which it was set up. The outcome of a working group can be sharing knowledge, technical solutions, best practices or policy proposals.

Working Groups

Here is an overview of the active Working Groups. To start participating in a Working Group, simply subscribe to its mailing list and follow the discussions!

Address Policy Anti-Abuse Connect
Cooperation Database DNS
Open Source RIPE NCC Services Routing


Each working group is chaired by two or three members of the community. The responsibility of the chairs is to moderate discussions and declare whether consensus is reached on a policy proposal.

Each working group has a dedicated mailing list which is open to anybody. Most of the working group’s activity is done via the mailing list, but working group sessions also take place at each RIPE Meeting. Working groups may also choose to hold online sessions between RIPE Meetings, in keeping with the guidelines for interim sessions.