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RIPE Meeting: 35
Working Group: Netnews
Status: 1st Draft
Revision Number: 1

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Chair: (none - Felix Kugler assisted with this meeting)
Scribe: Trish Diamond

Although there was not an agenda, Felix noted the projects
and action points from the RIPE-34 meeting.

A presentation from Daniel Diaz of Satec began the meeting.

Daniel Diaz of Satec presentation which may be viewed at


- Flowmaps: (no progress)

- The future of this Working Group

There was enthusiastic agreement that the Working Group
should continue.
- New Working Group chair ->
Mr. Blokzijl stressed the importance of having a Working Group Chair
who could dynamically lead the meetings. Of course, support
administratively would be provided by the RIPE NCC for minutes/scribe

Dave Wilson of HEAnet volunteered to serve as the Working Group Chair.

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