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Action: Action On: Description: Status:
66.5 RIPE NCC Check that all systems are UTF8 ready New
66.4 Piotr, NT13, WW144 Raise issue of English translation requiring PDP with RIPE NCC Services WG and on the RIPE Database mailing list New
66.3 RIPE NCC Raise proposal about single sign-on on mailing list New
66.2 RIPE NCC Raise proposal about route object cleanup on mailing list New
66.1 RIPE NCC Clarify design goals with community New
65.4 RIPE NCC Ensure that 2011-06 and its effects are fully documentated before implementation. Discharged
65.3 RIPE NCC Investigate and report on data protection issues regarding history of database objects. Ongoing
65.2 RIPE NCC Raise interest in geolocation attribute Ongoing
65.1 RIPE NCC Develop requirements with community for new resource-org object. Discharged
63.3 Dave Freedman Raise issue of reverse lookup mechanism for non-orphaned aut-num objects with mailing list. Dropped
63.2 RIPE NCC Inquiry into making RIPE Database wholly UTF-8 safe. Discharged
63.1 WW144 Ask RIPE Chairman and mailing list whether geolocation proxy has to go through RIPE NCC Services WG. Proposal to raise more interest (see 65.2)
62.5 RIPE NCC Implement the dash-notation changes for reverse DNS DoneCheck
62.4 RIPE NCC Do some analysis on the relative numbers of objects secured by passwords. DoneCheck
62.3 RIPE NCC Investigate use of TLS for whois data DoneCheck
62.2 RIPE NCC Examine use of Domain Object attributes Proposed to drop unused attributes; nserver will be required for reverse
62.1 RIPE NCC Send proposal on geolocation to mailing list Prototype on RIPE Labs
61.3 DB-WG Community to think about better security for auth: (SHA-2 as a replacement for MD5) Ongoing
61.2 RIPE NCC Investigate what the next appropriate level of password hash should be. DoneCheck
61.1 RIPE NCC Implement a very basic RFC 5943 compliant addition to the database. DoneCheck
60.2 RIPE NCC Come up with suggestions for other troubleshooting attributes Ongoing
60.1 DB-WG Consider implications of ping-c attribute Ongoing
59.7 RIPE NCC Investigate the Data Protection issues of allowing Key Cert searching Overtaken by events (RESTful query facility)
59.6 WW114 Refer question to NCC Services working group Dropped
59.5 Piotr Strzyzewski Raise the Key Cert Search proposal on the DB-WG mailing list Overtaken by events (RESTful query facility)
59.4 RIPE NCC Investigate amount of effort needed to implement Key Cert search Overtaken by events (RESTful query facility)
59.3 RIPE NCC Release the documentation in HTML form. Discharged
59.2 RIPE NCC Last notification of removal of orphan objects. DoneCheck
59.1 RIPE NCC Reverse delegation safeguards. DoneCheck
58.1 RIPE NCC Check that ASUSED can support IPv6 Discharged
57.2 RIPE NCC Cleanup of forward domain data DoneCheck
57.1 RIPE NCC Implement ASPLAIN. DoneCheck
56.1 DP-TF To consider the action to be taken when legal authority requests the removal of data from the database, and in particular whether records of such actions should be recorded. DoneCheck
55.3 RIPE NCC The RIPE NCC communications group to make it clear to external bodies what the function of the database actually is, and that removal from the database does not result in an associated resource disappearing. DoneCheck
55.2 Peter Koch To find out what the changed: line is used for and come up with a revised definition DoneCheck
55.1 RIPE NCC Add mnt-irt to the LIR Portal DoneCheck
54.7 RIPE NCC To prepare a plan for removal of the rev-srv attribute from the inetnum, inet6num objects. DoneCheck
54.6 RIPE NCC To summarise the discussion on orphaned objects and write up for the mailing list Discharged
54.5 DB-TF To analyse better the function of the country attribute in inetnum and inet6num. Abandoned
54.4 RIPE NCC To investigate the provision of a "white pages" facility for industry related persons. DoneCheck
54.3 RIPE NCC To go ahead and investigate ensuring that all objects are maintained, including timeline and notifications. Submit proposal to the Working Group. DoneCheck
54.2 RIPE NCC + Chairs To check through and decide how to split the Database manuals into RIPE and non-RIPE documents. DoneCheck
54.1 RIPE NCC To go ahead with final implementation of whois IRT query behaviour (-c), within 4 weeks. DoneCheck
53.4 WW144 Alert Routing WG about the implications of the ASN16 to ASN32 transition on tools. DoneCheck
53.3 RIPE NCC To make sure that if there is a "flag day" for ASN32 behaviour then the planning and introduction for this is done properly and advertised appropriately. DoneCheck
53.2 RIPE NCC To check and point out the requirement accept ASN32 systax to various software developers: including but not limited to irrtoolset, quagga etc. DoneCheck
53.1 WW144 Close AP50.1 (To make the country attribute on inetnum and inet6num optional and multiple) and properly reformulate it. DoneCheck
52.5 RIPE NCC, WW144, Peter Koch To produce a proposal, with timescales, for removing CRYPT-PW and circulate to the mailing list. DoneCheck
52.4 RIPE NCC To produce statistics showing how many objects are only protected by CRYPT-PW. DoneCheck
52.3 WW144, NT14 To reformulate irt: proposal and post to DB-WG mailing list DoneCheck
52.2 RIPE NCC To send their proposal to support enum delegations, using the nserver: attribute, to the WG-DB and DNS-DB mailing lists. DoneCheck
52.1 WW144 Put out a call for a task force to help the RIPE NCC in the task of updating the RIPE DB to compl with relevant Data Protection legislation. DoneCheck
51.9 RIPE NCC To contact a subset of the spam tool writers and make sure that they are aware of the change in behaviour as required by AP51.8 DoneCheck
51.8 RIPE NCC To properly implement DB behaviour to always return irt: object on address queries, if it exists. DoneCheck
51.7 RIPE NCC Make sure that the proposed DNS Security changes are implemented. DoneCheck
51.6 Matt (ARIN) To find out if any of the other routing registries have the ability to store RPSL-ng. RADB supports, APNIC nearly supports. Discharged. DoneCheck
51.5 All Check and see if there are any other missing IRIS attributes that are needed for the RIPE community. This should be on the whole community who should now be checking the IRIS server. DoneCheck
51.4 RIPE NCC Check that the mapping of contacts under IRIS is indeed not properly supported in IRIS (admin-c and tech-c). These attributes are actually supported. Discharged DoneCheck
51.3 Peter Koch Formulate a proposal on the mailing list to deprecate CRYPT-PW. Discharged. DoneCheck
51.2 RIPE NCC Check gnupgp compatibility before release of dated PGP signing functionality DoneCheck
51.1 NT13 To watch list, fold in updates to RIPE-50 minutes and release after 2 weeks. Discharged. DoneCheck
50.1 Wilfried Woeber Take proposal to make the country attribute optional and multiple for inetnum and inet6num objects to the mailing list. Done - Superceded by 53.1 Check
49.4 RIPE NCC To implement the abuse-email: attribute in the irt, person and role objects DoneCheck
49.3 RIPE NCC To produce a document detailing the programme for introducing the abuse contact changes DoneCheck
49.2 RIPE NCC Give updates about the number of abuse records in the database to the Working Group DoneCheck
49.1 RIPE NCC, Anti-Spam WG To convey new database abuse contact behaviour to the anti-spam tool writing community (RIPE-NCC has contacted over 100 people) DoneCheck
48.9 RIPE NCC To apply all available patches to RAToolset etc, and to start a rewrite in ANSI C DoneCheck
48.8 RIPE NCC RAToolset - To raise the issue on the appropriate mailing lists and seek advice on change of development model DoneCheck
48.7 RIPE NCC To make the PGP attribute optional on the IRT object DoneCheck
48.6 RIPE NCC To change DB behaviour to return IRT object DoneCheck
48.2 Shane Kerr To publish the CRISP/Joint-Whois requirements on the DB WG list DoneCheck
47.3 RIPE NCC Write a document properly documenting the use of the IRT object for reporting abuse. Covered by AP51.8. Superceded DoneCheck
46.5 Wilfried Woeber Coordinate with RIPE NCC to prepare a document summarizing basic assumptions about the use of the database. Presentation at RIPE 47 by WW14 DoneCheck
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