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WG Chair Biographies

Connect WG : WG Chair Biographies

Florence Lavroff

My journey in the Internet industry and networking started in 2005 at Cable and Wireless in a technical support and NOC environment.

From 2009, I specialised in Content Delivery whilst having the privilege to work for companies, such as Akamai and Google, which made the Internet as it is today.

In my current position as a Peering Manager at Google, I deal with content delivery optimisation, develop strategic partnerships, and negotiate peering agreements with ISPs and Internet Exchanges of my region of expertise, i.e EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

As a firm believer of the impact of community work and mentoring, I have been part of the RIPE community since 2010 and Co-chair of the Connect Working Group since 2014.

Will van Gulik

My interest in the Internet started around 1993 when I was connecting to remote machines across the world using telnet from my school, without exactly knowing how that was possible. In 1995, I went online by myself using a dial-up connection.

In 2001, I worked as a support clerk and then systems administrator; positions that would bring me closer to those details.

In 2007, I reached the DFZ and started exploring the marvels of BGP and peering as part of my daily job.

I started attending RIPE Meetings in 2014, got my own ASN in 2015 and started an IXP in 2017. I currently work for Saitis Networks, a FTTH/B network in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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