The process for registering to vote is quick and easy. 

  • To register, go to the General Meeting section in 
  • Once there, choose the organisations you will represent
  • Members who have registered to vote will receive an email from the voting system before the GM

The deadline to register for voting is 26 October 2022 at 14:30 (UTC+2).

10 Aug - Registration open for General Meeting
28 Sep - Supporting documents published
12 Oct - Deadline for proxy vote nominations
12 Oct - Deadline for members to propose resolutions
12 Oct - Deadline to publish final GM agenda
26 Oct - Registration closes for voting at 14:30 (UTC+2)
26 Oct - GM begins at 16:30 (UTC+2)
28 Oct - GM Closes with announcement of voting results at 10:30 (UTC+2)