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Ulf Kieber Biography


Ulf studied Computer Science at Technische Universität Dresden and Washington University in St. Louis. During his studies in 1993 he started and led a not-for-profit association to bring Internet services to private people.

After school he moved to Network Engineer roles, first at Nacamar, later at Global Access, where he was the technical lead. When Global Access was bought by Cogent he took responsibility for integrating several European networks into the Cogent network. After short intermezzi at Plusline and UPC Cablecom, Ulf recently became Head of Network Operations at

Ever since he started at Nacamar he has been involved with RIPE and the RIPE community. He is a co-chair of the RIPE Database Working Group.


The Internet has become a very vital part of life over the years in many ways. Looking back, RIPE has always been a cornerstone of Internet governance and its democratic organisation has served our diverse community very well in maintaining stability and independence. I would like to contribute my time and experience to the association for the various challenges that lie ahead.