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Agenda items to be agreed by the RIPE NCC Executive Board for the upcoming AGM meeting on 30 October 2001

AGM meeting 30 October 2001

1. Welcome, Preliminaries, Agenda

2. Operational Report by RIPE NCC Management

3. Approval of 2000 Financial Results

- The formal resolution:
"The general meeting adopts the 2000 Audited Financial Report of the RIPE NCC."

4. Financial Reporting:

a. Interim Financial Report 2001

5. Postponing 2002 Annual General Meeting

Article 14.2 of the RIPE NCC Articles of Association states that a general meeting be held within six months after the financial year close to approve the audited financial statements, unless the period in question is extended by the Annual General Meeting. Traditionally meetings are held in autumn to review the activity plan, budget and charging scheme for the subsequent operating year.

- The formal resolution:
"As no special circumstances are foreseen the general meeting proposes to extend the period to approve the audited financial statements 2002 as stated in article 14.2 of the RIPE NCC Articles of Association to 30 October 2002. The board shall send the audited financial statements to the members upon receipt of the auditors final report and audited financial statements."

6. Activity Plan, Expenditure and Charging Scheme 2002

- The formal resolution:
"The general meeting adopts the RIPE NCC Activities, Expenditure and Charging Scheme 2002".

7. Approval of Arbiter List

The formal resolution:
"The general meeting approves the list of arbiters as follows:"

Daniele Bovio


Carsten Schiefner

Board Member DE-NIC, Primus DE

David Kessens

IPv6 WG Chair, Nokia

Kurt Kayser

MBone WG Chair, self employed

Keith Godber

Test Traffic Chair, Energis

Wilfried Woeber

Database WG Chair, Vienna University

Keith Mitchell

Former NCC Chair, XchangePoint

8. Report from the Executive Board

9. RIPE NCC Executive Board Elections

The terms of Wim Vink and Mike Norris expire on 01 November 2001. Candidates for the Executive Board can be nominated according to article [7] of the RIPE NCC Articles of Association. The deadline for nominations for the Executive Board is 02 October 2001.