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Chat Transcripts

15:59 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi all. I'm Fergal from the RIPE NCC. I'll be monitoring this GM chatroom and can ask any questions you might have for presenters.
15:59 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Please be aware that there is a delay on the live feed, so please ask questions as early as possible to make sure they are heard.
15:59 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Also, please let me know your name and affiliation when you ask a question.
16:00 < Fergal_RIPENCC> The GM is about to start with a report from the RIPE NCC Executive Board, given by the Chairman Nigel Titley.
16:02 < Fergal_RIPENCC> By the way, if you're voting electronically you should be receiving your voting email shortly. Voting will then open at the end of the GM.
16:08 < Fergal_RIPENCC> RIPE NCC Managing Director Axel Pawlik is now presenting the Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2018.
16:10 < ripe580> My name is Toni Müller. I have trouble reading the stuffon the right hand side, due to being too bright.,
16:11 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Thanks Toni. I'll pass that on.
16:12 < adam_RIPENCC> @ripe580 I've changed the camera angle to help out, but you can also find all the presentations under
16:13 < ripe580> Thanks. It helps a little.
16:15 < Fergal_RIPENCC> If you have a question for Axel, let me know.
16:19 < ripe320> Fair enough.
16:23 < ripe320> You guys spending as much money on IT and running thing, as much you spend on "finance". It seems, that it takes 25% of your expenditure on "counting" the money.
16:25 < ripe320> And still you do noting to increase of efficiancey, but move to another building?
16:25 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi - do you want me to read this out? If so I need your name and affilliation.
16:26 < ripe320> The other guys asking question aren't identifying themselves, why should i?
16:27 < Fergal_RIPENCC> They state their name and affiliation before speaking for the first time.
16:32 < Fergal_RIPENCC> The next presentation is from Exective Board Treasurer Remco van Mook with "Financial Update and Redistribution of RIPE NCC Surplus/Deficit".
16:33 < ripe320> Fair enough.
16:35 < stolpe> the url to the "Financial Update and Redistribution of RIPE NCC Surplus 2017" seems wrong?
16:35 < stolpe>
16:35 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Thanks - we'll get that fixed.
16:36 < stolpe> good
16:39 < adam_RIPENCC> Hi @stolpe we can access the file ok, but you can download the file directly by clicking on the link on -
16:39 < ripe580> I want to oppose the "young board members quota" I think the member asking for it is mistaken about the nature of the RIPE, and I am afraid that young members might undervalue the "freedom of the Internet"
16:39 < ripe580> How can I vote on this thing, please?
16:40 < azi-47720> if it ever gets actually proposed, there'll be a vote on it
16:40 < stolpe> the missing file though is the financial update
16:40 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi. Yes, there would need to be a vote but he said it was just a suggestion. There won't be a vote on it at this GM
16:40 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Yes, we're replacing the file now.
16:40 < stolpe> the amendments seem to be uploaded twice
16:42 < Fergal_RIPENCC> That's it - sorry about this. It should be replaced very shortly.
16:42 < stolpe> ok
16:42 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Any questions?
16:43 < Fergal_RIPENCC> The next presentation is from the RIPE NCC's Head of Legal on proposed changes to the RIPE NCC Conflict Arbitration Procedure.
16:43 < zskovacs_docler> Thanks!
16:43 < ripe580> I'm still Toni Müller and want to vote, but don't see how to do it.
16:44 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi Toni. I'm afraid the deadline to register to vote has already passed.
16:46 < Fergal_RIPENCC> If you have a question for Athina please let me know.
16:46 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> ripe580: Guidelines for how to register for remote participation (a.k.a. electronic) vote can be found here:
16:47 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> ripe580: And yes `The deadline to register for electronic voting is 24 October 2017 at 16:00 UTC+4.` has sadly already passed. If you missed the deadline. Bad luck for this ripe event.
16:49 < marita_RIPENCC> stolpe: if you refresh the presentations page, the links should work correctly now
16:50 < stolpe> thanks
16:51 < azi-47720> Sascha Luck, Cork Internet Exchange. My gut feeling is that suspension of voting rights should be an ultimate ratio, not an "administrative punishment". Any comment from the board on this?
16:52 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I'll ask that Sascha
16:52 < azi-47720> Context: in a democratic society this is something reserved for cases of high treason or similar
16:53 < azi-47720> ty Feargal
16:55 < ripe580> I got a voting link, but it does not work.
16:55 < rhe-786> Voting isn't open until Nigel declares it open after all the discussions, ripe580
16:56 < masterF00> Everything is explained in the link above ;-) repeat:
16:58 < zskovacs_docler> Q: Can the management change the scope of compliance without GM oversight?
17:02 < zskovacs_docler> Thanks!
17:03 < Fergal_RIPENCC> You're welcome.
17:04 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Q: What 'bout setting a rate limit like 2 or 3 of breaching the SSA before punishment kicks in ? (Suspension of membership)
17:04 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Pls crarify this
17:05 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I'll ask...
17:05 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Append to Q:
17:05 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Do the punishment kicks in when 1st breach is made ?
17:06 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I can just ask that last part then?
17:06 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Fergal_RIPENCC: Yes. --> When to punishment kicks in. How many breaches
17:06 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> of SSA is necessary ?
17:07 < Fergal_RIPENCC> OK. Thanks
17:10 < azi-47720> another one: If a member is declared in violation / suspension just prior to an important vote, what recourse or appeal does this member have?
17:11 < Fergal_RIPENCC> OK Sascha. Got that.
17:11 < azi-47720> (outside getting an injunction in court)
17:16 < azi-47720> Proposal: appeal (to arbitration or whomever) should hold the suspension until decided.
17:17 < azi-47720> otherwise this is wide open to abuse
17:17 < masterF00> Finally, a reasonable voice, thanks Brian ;-) (just saying) ..
17:17 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Sascha, you want me to say?
17:17 < azi-47720> please
17:18 < azi-47720> ty fergal
17:18 < masterF00> Fergal_RIPENCC: I'm fine I don't want to hold up the GM for that, otherwise I'd state so ;-) But thanks!
17:19 < rhe-786> masterF00: I've shown Brian your comment. :-)
17:19 < masterF00> . o O(too many Sascha's here ;) )
17:19 < masterF00> rhe-786: *thumbsup*
17:19 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Ah. I was confused there :)
17:20 < masterF00> yeah sorry i only have my name in the whois nvm
17:20 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Did the online vote disappear ?
17:20 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Christoffer - It will open at the end of the GM today
17:20 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Nigel will announce when voting opens.
17:21 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Fergal_RIPENCC: Ahh. Thx. (Was because they were _visible_ earlier when the discussion began. And now invisible. Got confused.)
17:22 < Fergal_RIPENCC> No probs. And here's the document Athina mentioned in answer to your question -
17:23 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> Thx. Thought i was looking at the right document when I found 5m ago.
17:24 < azi-47720> general comment: if the NCC were a polity, failing to pay is akin to repudiating one's citizenship. Violating a policy is breaking the law. Breaking the law does NOT usually result in loss of citizenship. Therefore I urge everyone to vote against this change.
17:25 < azi-47720> er, renouncing, not repudiating
17:25 < Fergal_RIPENCC> REad that out?
17:25 < azi-47720> please
17:25 < azi-47720> ty again
17:28 < Fergal_RIPENCC> No probs - sorry, I missed the "renouncing" bit.
17:28 < zskovacs_docler> Suddenly, I cannot cast my ballot. I am locked out from one moment to the other
17:28 < azi-47720> it's not open yet
17:28 < Fergal_RIPENCC> The voting will open at the end of the GM. Nigel will announce when it's open and you can then vote
17:28 < zskovacs_docler> Yes, it was not open for vote; but no it is "This is a restricted access poll"
17:29 < ripe580> Nope. Mailinglists are _very_ good and give the members individual , independent, decentralized archives about any discussion.
17:30 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> ripe580: Remember the forum (interface) RIPENCC made available to post/read messages to/from the mailings lists it runs.
17:33 < Fergal_RIPENCC> The next presentation is again from Athina Fragkouli on the amendments to the arbitration procedure.
17:34 < rhe-786> Someone get the lady a drink.
17:34 < CHRISTOFFER_HANSEN__AS31027> rhe-786: it's definity needs to be a large one. (not water)
17:34 < azi-47720> can you still drink in Dubai?
17:35 < rhe-786> Depends on the limit on your credit card.
17:40 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Any questions for Athina?
17:49 < Michael_RIPENCC> Getting a lot of emails to agm@ inbox with complaints of not being able to vote. Voting is not open yet, so please wait until it is before you try to vote. Hopefully all these problems will disappear once Nigel declares voting open. Thanks.
17:50 < Fergal_RIPENCC> The last presentation is from Michael Frearson from the RIPE NCC on the voting procedure.
17:56 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Any questions?
17:58 < Fergal_RIPENCC> That's all folks. Thanks for your participation. As Michael said, if you have problems voting please email [email protected] and we'll help out.
17:58 < Fergal_RIPENCC> You can come here Thursday to see the voting results.
17:59 < stolpe> i think i understand what the other guys complained about now
17:59 < stolpe> before, the url worked but said "not open"
17:59 < stolpe> now it says "restricted"
18:00 < azi-47720> hmmm.... getting the "restricted access poll" msg now too
18:01 < stolpe> i tried to "sign out" but it made no difference
18:02 < vato> Yes - same here
18:03 < azi-47720> I'm being disenfranchised!
18:03 < ripe580> voting doesn't work for me as well
18:03 < stolpe> tried a different browser and it asked me to sign in. hmmm
18:04 < ripe196> am i the only one or the voting link stopped working after opening of the vote ?
18:05 < rhe-786> It's being worked on...
18:05 < stolpe> same for everyone
18:05 < ripe196> ty
18:05 < stolpe> ok. i'll try again later
18:07 < ripe580> I can't vote, too
18:10 < Michael_RIPENCC> Looks like a problem with the software. I have contacted the voting software provider and they are looking into it right now.