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The RIPE NCC General Meeting is Tomorrow

Dear RIPE NCC members,

The General Meeting (GM) will take place tomorrow at 16:00 (UTC+2). This is your opportunity as the membership to discuss our activities and give input on the issues that impact our organisation.

At this GM, members will vote on three resolutions, including the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2025. There is also an election to fill two seats on the RIPE NCC Executive Board.


Registration will close at 14:00 (UTC+2) tomorrow. If you would like to participate in the GM, register now at:


You must register so you can participate in the GM. All registered attendees will receive an email shortly after registration closes at 14:00 (UTC+2) on Wednesday with the link to the virtual meeting platform ‘Meetecho’ and a link to the livestream. The results will also be available from the livestream at 10:30 UTC+2 on Friday 24 May 2024.

The voting codes and the link to vote in the GM will be sent before the GM begins, and the voting platform will become active after the Chairman declares it open at agenda point 9 during the meeting.

The agenda, information about Executive Board candidates and supporting documents for the GM are available at:

The General Meeting Organisation Team is on hand to support members with their enquiries. GM support is available between 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC+2). For any GM-related questions, please email: [email protected].


If you are attending the GM in person, you need to check in at the GM Registration Desk after you have registered. You can check in from Tuesday 21 May at 09:00 (UTC+2). You will receive a sticker that you need to enter the GM room. The GM Registration Desk is located at the RIPE 88 registration desk. We ask that you check in and pick up your sticker as early as possible.


Relevant presentations for the GM also take place in the RIPE NCC Services Working Group session at RIPE 88. There will be updates from our Managing Director, our Chief Technology Officer and Chief Registry Officer. There will also be a presentation on RIPE NCC RPKI Operations. Register for RIPE 88 at:

Kind regards,

Karla Liddle-White

General Meeting Organisation Team