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Zoom Chat Transcripts

18:03:09 From Chris Amin : Hi everyone, I'm Chris Amin from the RIPE NCC. If you have a question/comment and you want it to be read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation. The chat window is meant for discussion ONLY. Please remember to select 'all panelists and attendees' when sending your messages otherwise only panelists see what you’re writing.
18:03:28 From Fergal Cunningham : I approve all your badges :)
18:03:49 From Blake Willis :
18:03:57 From Peter Koch : still not the same :-)
18:04:29 From Sascha Growe : I have name for a band: The Ripe IPv4+ :D
18:05:30 From Julien Escario : and we already have the domain name
18:06:04 From Brian Nisbet : Video only activates on sound, I think?
18:14:32 From Pawel Zamaro : Hello :)
18:14:53 From Blake Willis : “clap track”
18:15:03 From Brian Nisbet : Thank you, Salam!
18:15:03 From Kurt Kayser : **applause**
18:15:04 From Paul Rendek : Big Claps!
18:15:08 From Christian Adler : *applause*
18:15:09 From Brian Nisbet : *Much applause*
18:15:10 From Clement Cavadore : *clap clap clap*
18:15:16 From Stéphane Dodeller : Clap clap clap
18:15:20 From Erik Bais : Thank you Salam !!
18:15:39 From Will Hargrave : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Salam, thanks
18:15:57 From Maria Häll : 👏👏👏 to Salam! <3
18:16:03 From Will van Gulik : Thank you Salam !!!
18:19:22 From Falk VON BORNSTAEDT : Thanks, Salam, it was great working with you
18:23:11 From Jan Zorz : Thnx Salam!!!
18:25:06 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : have folk received the voting ballots? should have been 25 mins ago.
18:25:09 From Erik Bais : yes I'm here
18:25:18 From Will Hargrave : I have received mine.
18:25:20 From Erik Bais : Partly..
18:25:24 From Rob Evans : @Randy, yes, I’ve received mine.
18:25:26 From Francois Boisnard : of course
18:25:31 From Blake Willis : yes
18:25:32 From Erik Bais : ok
18:25:43 From Jan Zorz : Ballots in form of link :)
18:26:26 From Jan Zorz : Remote voting starts after GM is done (at 2000)
18:26:37 From Jan Zorz : That’s what email says ;)
18:27:03 From Brian Nisbet : Ok, thank you, CK.
18:27:11 From Brian Nisbet : I look forward to seeing more on that subject.
18:28:09 From Sascha Growe : thanks
18:30:08 From Erik Bais : thnx CK.
18:34:28 From Harry Cross : Is it worth making another mailing list for candidacy then? Purely so that members can have an open discussion with the candidates without messing up another list - maybe a virtual hustings mailing list
18:35:11 From James Kennedy : Not a bad idea, Harry
18:35:34 From Harry Cross : so that if there is an explosion like the members-discuss list, this can be controlled
18:35:52 From Will Hargrave : It’s not a problem we’ve ever had before. Normally members-discuss is quiet
18:36:12 From Rob Evans : At least one other I* org does that, with specific lists spun up per board election.
18:36:31 From Will Hargrave : I would be disappointed if I joined a list about the RIPE NCC board elections only to receive a lot of irrelevant content about IP protocol design ;)
18:37:11 From Christian Adler : +1 for Will
18:37:20 From Tom Hill : Did I miss a password for the #gm room on the IRC server?
18:37:42 From Rob Evans : Tom: if you go to the livestream page in the email, it shows the password.
18:37:53 From Tom Hill : Ah, the page... Not the email
18:38:34 From Rob Evans : (I have to thank Anna W for pointing it out to me, I hadn’t noticed before either.)
18:39:06 From Anders Mundt Due : as much as I disliked the members-discuss flood, it gave a unique insight in something I might not have caught on if there were an optional "candidacy" list
18:39:24 From Brian Nisbet : I think any mailing list or forum with 25k members that's a part of your membership should have a moderation/community team. Any other such setup would these days if it was being created.
18:39:28 From James Kennedy : as suggested, would be good for the community to have a dedicated forum to ask questions of board candidates. difficult to get to know someone on 'sales pitch' biographies :)
18:39:37 From Brian Nisbet : And we can't wait a week or so for an Exec Board decision every time.
18:40:38 From Will Hargrave : No way should the exec board be moderating a mailing list ;)
18:40:39 From Anders Mundt Due : agreed Brian, it unfortunately is necessary
18:40:58 From Blake Willis :
18:42:50 From Brian Nisbet : Will, I agree.
18:45:42 From Harry Cross : Any candidacy list shouldn't be moderated, let them show their true colours
18:47:30 From Will Hargrave : I prefer an in-room face to face hustings, to be honest
18:48:06 From Clement Cavadore : Seems that all the Iranian candidates except one are "WITHDREW". Any clue why ? :)
18:48:28 From Will Hargrave : I don’t think people have to give a reason
18:48:38 From Will Hargrave : It’s not uncommon for people to withdraw, though
18:49:25 From Rob Evans : I’m assuming 2020s travel costs will also be under budget…
18:49:48 From Will Hargrave : Depends what the price of flights looks like later in 2020 perhaps …
18:49:50 From Clement Cavadore : Will: yep. A bit strange, imho :)
18:50:18 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : i would really like to have heard from the one candidate from IR. it would be good to have a more diverse board; but voting for an unknown …
18:51:14 From Blake Willis : yes, I hope Alireza submitted a video to present
18:55:17 From Fergal Cunningham : All candidates have submitted a video or statement to be read out.
18:57:50 From James Kennedy : Re reducing NCC staff count: # of LIRs does not directly relate to the amount of workload on the NCC
18:58:36 From Will Hargrave : I find the comment that ’50% spend on staff is too high” rather strange
18:59:02 From Maximilian Wilhelm : +1 Will
18:59:34 From Sebastian Becker : +1 Will
18:59:48 From Antonio Balairon : Good one Will
18:59:57 From Ruben Herold : +1 Will
19:00:15 From Blake Willis : it has been said in the past that the patience of NCC staff to take the time to ensure that members’ questions are answered was very much appreciated
19:00:38 From Andreas Härpfer : +1 Will
19:00:42 From Will Hargrave : Lots of questions could be resolved by reading the documents in advance. But I admit I did not really do this either.
19:00:43 From James Kennedy : +1 Will
19:02:22 From Sebastian Becker : Will: You’re right, but your own interpretation of the words might differ. So having someone that can answer questions and help here is more than appreciated.
19:02:29 From Christian Adler : +1 Will
19:02:56 From Will Hargrave : Yes, I am not saying people should not ask questions, indeed!
19:03:15 From Sebastian Becker : Clear to me, was just to support that.
19:04:18 From Kurt Erik Lindqvist : I agree with will, the financial report and the current activity plans actually answers all these questions in great detail
19:04:34 From Will Hargrave :
19:05:11 From Will Hargrave : Presentations here
19:06:07 From Denesh Bhabuta : I feel the pain that Remco refers to ..
19:06:22 From Jan Zorz : Indeed...
19:07:06 From Dmitry Kohmanyuk : dont think please that i want us to have all meetings virtual ok? L
19:07:31 From Will Hargrave : Too late, you stay at home forever now.
19:07:41 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : i miss friends, but am really enjoying the lack of travel
19:07:42 From Dmitry Kohmanyuk : and five coffee breaks in a day doesnt come cheap!
19:07:44 From Alexander Isavnin : @dk NO!
19:08:12 From Sebastian Becker : The belly is pricy …
19:08:51 From Denesh Bhabuta : Dmitry.. from my point of view and experience.. there is a bit of a cost saving, but many of the costs shift from one part to another part.. in addition.. there is a cost to postponing / cancelling contracts already in place.

Voting for the RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2020 will begin under Agenda Point 8, after the Secretary of the Executive Board declares voting open (approximately 20:30 UTC+2).

Voting closes at 09:00 UTC+2 on Friday, 15 May 2020.
19:09:41 From Dominic Schallert : Thank you
19:10:05 From Dmitry Kohmanyuk : well yes Danesh, i think right now Milano sounds like “50% of people cannot go there even if the city itself would allow it”
19:10:21 From Denesh Bhabuta : Membership fee is just that.. a fee to be a member.. whether resources are used or not. :-)
19:10:59 From Will Hargrave : An LIR without address resources is like a day without sunshine
19:11:19 From Dominic Schallert : I agree on this Will.
19:11:29 From Blake Willis : don’t forget that the NCC is a non-profit, Dutch tax structure applies differently
19:11:40 From Denesh Bhabuta : @Dmitry.. I personally believe Milan will not happen (this year).. DNS-OARC is supposed to be taking place there too, just before the RIPE meeting .. we are looking at all options and keeping an open mind.. we should hopefully know by late July what we are doing.
19:12:39 From Hans Petter Holen : The Milan decision will be taken as soon as possible in consultation with the next RIPE Chair.
19:13:01 From Alex de Joode : NL also has the 30% tax rule for non-NL employees
19:13:24 From Denesh Bhabuta : +1 Hans Petter .. just as you said yesterday.
19:13:33 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : AMS is EMEA net central. get a clue
19:13:44 From Denesh Bhabuta : BTW, thanks for the UKNOF mention yesterday too :-)
19:14:10 From Blake Willis : also recall that with issues like sanctions & cybercrime, the Dutch government is likely to be one of the better partners you can work with...
19:14:38 From Christian Adler : Right, Blake
19:15:05 From Sebastian Becker : Yes, that’s right, Blake.
19:16:51 From Blake Willis : Also IMHO moving the RIPE NCC to a country that has either recently joined the EU or is at risk of leaving it would not be such a bright idea...
19:17:04 From Dominic Schallert : Precisely I’m taking about this one:
19:17:09 From Dominic Schallert : *talking
19:17:45 From Peter Steinhäuser : Right Blake. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
19:18:36 From Dominic Schallert : Thank you CK.
19:18:45 From Erik Bais : thnx CK
19:18:50 From Sebastian Becker : Yes.
19:19:05 From Hank Nussbacher : @denys - the previous voting in Oct 2019 only had 2023 voters - far less than today
19:19:57 From Rob Evans : Indeed, whilst 14% isn’t good, it’s better than the single-digit-percentage voters we’ve had in the past.
19:20:08 From Rob Evans : I recall 2-3% a few years back.
19:20:25 From Hank Nussbacher : rob, indeed a huge increase this vote
19:21:21 From Harald Kapper : second that. (it's a real high level of participation)
19:21:36 From Alexander Isavnin : in Russia for valid voting of Association you need not less than 50%%
19:21:57 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : some cultures have mandatory voting. i am not advocating; just noting
19:22:18 From Harald Kapper : then it's probably a good thing the office has no plans to move to russia ;)
19:22:27 From Rob Evans : You only get the rebate if you voted (whether you voted for or against)?
19:22:36 From Fergal Cunningham : The voting presentation later will have historical voting stats, by the way.
19:22:38 From Remco van Mook : Alexander - different legal structure. Members are not shareholders.
19:22:52 From Blake Willis : thanks Fergal
19:22:55 From Lars-Johan Liman : Having 14 % vote for us all - that's is how democracy works. If people aren't interested and take part, they willingly put they put their own fate (as members) in the hands of those voting.
19:23:35 From Erik Bais : the new slides aren't showing yet..
19:23:48 From Tony McCrory : I blame the network :)
19:23:49 From Eric van Uden : I expected less than 10%, so 14% is realy good
19:24:01 From Blake Willis : it’s either the DNS or the firewall
19:24:11 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : it must be bgp
19:24:28 From Jan Zorz : Many members still think that they can still get IPv4 addresses, that they are buying addresses from RIPE (not RIPE NCC) and that they can’t influence any decision and/or policy at all. Sad.
19:24:53 From Will Hargrave : They still can get v4 addresses! Weren’t you in services-wg ?
19:25:21 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : they do get ip addresses. /24
19:25:35 From Sebastian Becker : If you like to influence something you also need to put some effort in it. Not everyone is able to do that or simply do not want to spend time and effort for this.
19:25:39 From Fergal Cunningham : On voting, members who are less than six months old can’t vote yet, so the percentage of ‘eligible’ members will be a bit higher than 14%.
19:25:40 From Will Hargrave : Should be enough for anyone
19:25:57 From Sebastian Becker : And this is sad, but reality.
19:25:59 From Will Hargrave : There are some members who don’t even behave like they are six months old yet.
19:26:12 From Sebastian Becker : Right.
19:26:19 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : should i take that personally?
19:26:29 From Hank Nussbacher : Rob, you stated "You only get the rebate if you voted (whether you voted for or against)? I think that is not correct. I think every LIR gets the rebate whether they vote now or not
19:26:49 From Rob Evans : Hank, it was a comment on the suggestion of mandatory voting.
19:26:55 From Hank Nussbacher : ahhh
19:29:04 From Dominic Schallert : Concerning my previous question, that was the graphic I waited for :-) Thanks
19:29:55 From Alex de Joode : No indexation in the budget?
19:31:46 From Remco van Mook : These are budget estimates - we don’t have full budgets for 2021 and onward yet, of course
19:32:52 From Remco van Mook : indexation and other increases are balanced out by lower costs elsewhere, at least in the assumption for our funding model for now
19:33:43 From Alex de Joode : Ok, tnx
19:35:39 From Sanan Phutrakul : The vouchers are a great thing
19:38:17 From peter gervai : THANK YOU Remco!
19:38:19 From Sanan Phutrakul : Awkward silence
19:40:08 From Sanan Phutrakul : Yearly fees are fine.
19:40:22 From Maximilian Wilhelm : indeed
19:40:37 From Sanan Phutrakul : Yay!!!
19:41:04 From Erik Bais : thank you Gwen and Exec Board for the transparent report and presentation.
19:41:18 From Sergey Myasoedov : WHAT A BACKGROUND!
19:41:24 From Sanan Phutrakul : Good evening to you too!
19:41:45 From Marko Veelma : is this a mirror?
19:42:56 From Sanan Phutrakul : On behalf of?
19:42:58 From Denesh Bhabuta : There is a small “mirror” checkbox in the virtual background settings in the zoom client which is easy to miss.. that needs to be clicked sometimes
19:43:10 From Sanan Phutrakul : LOL
19:43:21 From Jan Zorz : Did SWG start already???
19:43:34 From Niels Bakker : woah. Not even a message read by himself? Was that too high a bar?
19:43:41 From Harald Kapper : this is parody, right?
19:43:48 From Denesh Bhabuta : Was this a Gerry Adams type thing?
19:43:52 From Radek Zajic : Unicorns everywhere, all of a sudden, when that candidate gets elected.
19:44:03 From Clement Cavadore : I feel sorry for Piotr, having to stay "poker face" while candidates presentations :)
19:44:04 From Jan Zorz : Unicorns+
19:44:10 From Sanan Phutrakul : Even King Julien speaks for himself
19:44:15 From Sascha Growe : Pink fluffy unicorns dancing… *sing*
19:44:19 From Paul Thornton : Is the SWG an illegal anonymous organisation?
19:44:29 From Jan Zorz : hahahaha
19:44:34 From Remco van Mook : On behalf of the SWG I can state unequivocally that it is not an illegal organisation and in fact doest not exist.
19:44:38 From Jan Zorz : It doesn’t exist, so can’t be
19:44:44 From Sanan Phutrakul : I have an idea for IPv4 exhaustion. IPv6
19:45:25 From Sanan Phutrakul : That sounded not crazy
19:45:27 From Alex Le Heux : Class E and and everyone gets a pony!
19:45:29 From Kurt Kayser : I hope that RIPE NCC does not lose its seriousness through this election.. man..
19:45:48 From Sanan Phutrakul : @Kurt It's tough with COVID and Zoom meetings
19:46:01 From Alex de Joode : Is Alireza on a EU/INT banned list, or any of the companies he works for? Did ripe vet this?
19:46:20 From Niels Bakker : On behalf of the SWG ...
19:47:47 From Sanan Phutrakul : Wow
19:47:49 From Theo Voss : Thank you, Maria!
19:47:57 From Sanan Phutrakul : That was impressive
19:48:54 From Peter Hessler : @Alex Alireza is from Iran, which has had several sanctions against the country and companies, so it is likely that he has had direct or indirect experience with that.
19:51:54 From Marcel Jong : The presentations are overlapping
19:53:54 From Siegfried Gumilar : Does anybody know if the Candidate "Elad Cohen" really exists as Person?
19:54:15 From Jan Zorz : It’s not entirely clear, me think.
19:54:17 From Sanan Phutrakul : Like Colombo's wife?
19:54:21 From Will Hargrave : Administer a turing test?
19:54:30 From Maria Häll : Thank you, Theo! :-)
19:54:32 From James Kennedy : Keyser Soze
19:54:54 From Kurt Kayser : James: :-)
19:55:02 From Harald Kapper : rule of thumb for videochats or webcams in general: don't wear glasses or at least make lighting not reflect in your glasses...
19:55:11 From David Croft : My GPT-2 Elad Cohen model already passes the Turing test and fails the members-discuss moderation test.
19:55:25 From Tony McCrory : That candidate has history, search his name on nanog list
19:55:34 From Niels Bakker : David, that thing is awesome.
19:56:11 From Blake Willis :
19:57:25 From Sascha Growe : Who stole the Coconut? *singaround*
20:00:16 From Julien Escario : almost passed the russians !
20:00:45 From Julien Escario : here come the voting process explaination
20:01:28 From Peter Koch : It’s almost ESC week, but I do not understand the country counts - shouldn’t those be weighed by #LIRs, at least?
20:01:51 From Blake Willis : the main point: "a ranked choice vote is still a vote. do not vote for candidates you do not wish to see on the board"
20:02:30 From Andreas Härpfer : +1 Blake!
20:02:58 From Sebastian Becker : Good point, Blake!
20:04:12 From Peter Koch : -1, only true if all of those you don’t want to see you consider equally ineligible
20:05:37 From Andreas Härpfer : I suppose that‘s what „do not wish to see on the board“ means.
20:06:39 From Blake Willis :
20:07:49 From Paul Rendek : @Blake.. thanks for that link!
20:07:52 From Krzysztof Krych : Thanks Blake
20:10:10 From Brian Nisbet : Thank you to the Board and all NCC Staff for the GM!
20:10:17 From Brian Nisbet : (Or at least this part of it!)
20:10:17 From Blake Willis : “clap track"
20:10:17 From Rob Evans : ’Tis open.
20:10:23 From Maria Häll : Thx for listening! :-)
20:10:27 From Dmitry Menzulskiy : The voting is open !
20:10:28 From Kurt Kayser : *applause*
20:10:30 From Erik Bais : Thanks .. *applaus*
20:10:33 From Julien Escario : *applause*
20:10:35 From Rene Lanzl : Thank you :)
20:10:35 From Paul Rendek : Big claps!
20:10:35 From Sebastian Becker : *applause*
20:10:41 From Rene Lanzl : *clap*
20:10:43 From Olivier BUTIN : Thanks to all
20:10:44 From Robert van der Meulen : *clapclap*
20:10:44 From James Kennedy : *claps* thank you Board and supporting NCC staff!
20:10:45 From Markus Zeilinger : Thx to everybody! *applause*
20:10:46 From Thomas King : *applause*
20:10:46 From Dominic Schallert : *applause*
20:10:50 From Paul Rendek : What a lovely set of people!
20:10:53 From Dominic Schallert : Thank you all for your great efforts!
20:10:54 From Will van Gulik : *applause* :)
20:10:59 From Fergal Cunningham : If you have any issues with voting before the deadline, please report it to [email protected]. Thanks.
20:11:01 From Damien Shaw : *applause*
20:11:02 From Harald Kapper : so - where do I get this RIPE Background?
20:11:07 From James Kennedy : Safe voting out there, everyone ;)
20:11:10 From Dmitry Kohmanyuk : that must be the longest zoom day for everybody.. thanks the board for their hard work during the year and good luck to our candidates!
20:11:30 From Maria Häll : Thx a lot, Dmitry!!
20:11:43 From Thomas Quilling : thanks to the board ..great job
20:11:49 From Paul Thornton : Thank you board and NCC staff - the first virtual GM was a great success!
20:12:04 From Christian Kaufmann : Thanks for participating :-)
20:12:23 From Eddy Kayihura : Thanks RIPE Board and team. Interesting experience.
20:12:26 From Harald Kapper : and where do we get our beer now?
20:12:26 From Lester Clayton : Thank you everybody - Good luck to the Candidates! I hvae voted! Bye bye
20:12:29 From Clement Cavadore : Thanks !
20:12:33 From Sascha Growe : Thank you very much
20:12:33 From Maria Häll : Thx to all of you! <3
20:12:46 From Krzysztof Krych : My first RIPE meeting, thank you and great work.
20:13:04 From Thomas Quilling : of C#course also a big thank you the NCCstaff for the continuous support over the past 20 years ;)
20:13:39 From Bora Ismen : IS there a difference between Charging scheme 2019 and 2021?
20:13:46 From Benedikt Merkl : Dear Piotr Strzyewski your picture seems to be mirrored. is this intentional?
20:14:11 From Azer Garyagdy : Thanks for RIPE and all participans, meeting was very interesting!
20:14:19 From Kledi Andoni : Thanks everyone, good night!
20:15:15 From Falk VON BORNSTAEDT : Thanks to the RIPE staff for preapring this and running this smoothly