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Chat Transcripts

18:02 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Welcome to the GM May 2018
18:02 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> I am the chat monitor. Please post your uestions and comments in here and I will read them out for you
18:03 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Please state your name and affiliation.
18:05 < Adam_RIPENCC> Sorry we're currently having an issue with the sound of the stream, we're working on this problem
18:05 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Currently Nigel Titley is reporting from the Board's recent activities.
18:06 < Arash> I can see the video but no voice, is it just for me?
18:06 < Adam_RIPENCC> @Arash, we're having a problem with the audio, we're just resolving it
18:07 < Andreas> not streaming the video too at the moment
18:09 < ripe609> Hello. Are there problems with the webstreams?
18:09 < marita_RIPENCC> ripe609: video is working but we're having audio problems at the moment. we're working to fix it
18:10 < marita_RIPENCC> sorry for the inconvenience!
18:10 < Andreas> can't confirm that video is working
18:11 < ripe216> time to hone the lip-reading skills
18:11 < marita_RIPENCC> ripe216: or read the steno? ;)
18:11 < marita_RIPENCC> Andreas: it should work if you reload the page
18:11 < ripe216> pfff - too easy ;)
18:11 < marita_RIPENCC> :)
18:12 < Andreas> nope, that doesn't help either
18:12 < Arash> A question from Arash Naderpour, Can EB add some additional charging scheme models and let the members use their votes to select their preferred one?
18:14 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Arash, I will ask at the end of the presentation.
18:15 < ripe609> Should I have a voting link already?
18:16 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi ripe609 - the voting emails will be with members shortly. The link will be active only at the end of the GM.
18:17 < DoDo> Hi Fergal, the audio is not working, that make it some how very difficult for remote members to understand what's going on in the GM.
18:17 < ripe216> do we know if the recording of the GM stream will be available afterwards with audio?
18:17 < Andreas> For me it says video file not found, not sure if anyone else has the issue too
18:17 < ripe216> also do think that nigel should hold this GM until this issue is resolved - this is massively unfair to remote members
18:18 < Adam_RIPENCC> @Arash i am sorry for the delay. The audio is up and running now on the webstream
18:20 < Andreas> now it's working again
18:20 < Arash> not for me :(
18:21 < Frans_RIPENCC> If you are watching in browser and still experience problems, please try refreshing the page.
18:21 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi. Please refresh browser and it should all be working fine.
18:30 < Andreas> Just curious, do we know how many are watching remotely ?
18:32 < Aziraphale> rtsp stream is largely ok, just choppy audio
18:36 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Any questions for Gwen about the financial report?
18:39 < Alex> Hello. Does the NCC think about optimization to decrease the cost of the membership? The number of LIRs is growing but the cost is growing too.
18:39 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Alex, can you please state your last name
18:39 < Alex> Or is the same
18:39 < Alex> Alex Bulgakov. FastTelecom LLC
18:39 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> thank you
18:43 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Gwen van Berne presents the charging scheme for 2019.
18:45 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Voting emails should be received by all who registered for electronic voting. You might have received two mails. Both will work and you won't be able to vote twice.
18:49 < Andreas> Is it possible to zoom in a bit more into the presentation ?
18:50 < Adam_RIPENCC> @Andreas will do, but you can see all the presentations at
18:50 < Andreas> thanks
18:53 < Arash> A question from Arash Naerpour, how fast IPv4 address run out will have an effect on the income? any forecast?
18:53 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Thanks, Arash. I will ask your question at the end of Gwen's presentation.
18:55 < Arash> I still have a choppy audio even in VLC....
18:55 < ripe343> There are alot of lags on the video
18:58 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Arash, does the slide Gwen is shoing right now answer your question?
18:58 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> (showing)
18:58 < Arash> Yes, that's an answer to my quesiton, thanks
18:59 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> ok, great. Thanks.
18:59 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Any other questions for Gwen regarding the proposed charging scheme?
19:02 < ripe343> The video is usless, it drops half of the information
19:03 < Arash> a question from Arash Naderpour: what's your plan for members that are facing difficulties with current NCC payment methods? the current payment methods are not available to all members as you maybe aware of...
19:05 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Thanks, Arash. Can you please quickly elaborate what you are referring to?
19:05 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> just so I can make it clear when I ask your question.
19:05 < Arash> Paypal, bank transfer, credit card payments are the current payment methods and are not available in all counties
19:06 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> ok, thanks. I'll ask
19:07 < Aziraphale> this problem is likely to get worse in the immediate future
19:07 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Next agenda item: appointment and dismissal of Arbiters
19:08 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> by Nigel Titley
19:08 < ripe700> Another question is the RIPE NCC start treat everyone equally
19:09 < ripe700> It's mean employees who handle applications selectively treat the approach to companies
19:10 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Can you please state your name and affiliation?
19:10 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> and under which agenda item would you like me to ask that question?
19:13 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Any questions regarding the arbiters ?
19:14 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Next agenda item: RIPE NCC EB Elections
19:20 < Payam> Please let the members know that i would step out of yhe arbitrator panel if i get elected as a board member
19:22 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Thank you. I will mention that.
19:32 < Aziraphale> could you please let us know when the stream is back? Thanks
19:32 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> certainly
19:37 < Arash> Please let us know when the streaming is on again
19:40 < Pascal> have you tried to turn it off and on again?
19:41 < Aziraphale> that's what they're doing ;p
19:41 < Pascal> I know, that was a reference to "the IT crowd"
19:42 < amd2-ripe> they should ask in the room if there are anyone with network experience
19:42 < Pascal> haha ��
19:43 < Pascal> rtsp is working for me now
19:44 < Payam> First i wanted to give my speech live. But Fergal told me that usually there is an issue for bringing someone live. And that’s it
19:44 < Andreas> video but no sound
19:45 < Aziraphale> the sound's been the issue all along
19:45 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Meeting is continuing now
19:45 < ripe008> Do have sound now
19:45 < Arash> I have audio but still choppy sometimes
19:45 < Andreas> no audio
19:46 < Andreas> even restarted
19:46 < Aziraphale> and now it's gone
19:47 < Payam> Thnx Mirjam
19:55 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Nigel is now explaining the voting procedure
20:01 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Any questions about the voting procedure?
20:09 < Mirjam_RIPENCC> Voting is open, meeting is adjourned until Friday