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Chat Transcripts

18:00 < boris_chatmonitor> Hi everyone, I'm Boris Duval from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenters, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A. Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
18:01 < Axu-197032> is the bigpulse voting link single use or can i take a peek into it now and do the actual voting tomorrow using the same link?
18:01 < rhe_uk_janet> Axu-197032: The vote won't be open yet, and you go through it vote-by-vote.
18:02 < rhe_uk_janet> So you don't see the next vote until you've filled the first in (AFAICR).
18:02 < Axu-197032> rhe_uk_janet: so there would be nothing to look at there yet?
18:02 < rhe_uk_janet> Correct.
18:02 < Axu-197032> rhe_uk_janet: and if i stop voting, i can resume where i left off the next day?
18:03 < rhe_uk_janet> That I can't say for certain, I'll let the NCC answer. :)
18:04 < boris_chatmonitor> Axu-197032, do you want me to copy your question to the Q&A section?
18:05 < Axu-197032> boris_chatmonitor: is it likely to be answered and not cause disruption to the session?
18:05 < Axu-197032> also, perhaps the slides will cover all this at some point?
18:07 < boris_chatmonitor> Let's wait a bit, if your question hasn't been answered, I will post it to the Q&A.
18:08 < Axu-197032> boris_chatmonitor: very good.
18:19 < boris_chatmonitor> Axu-197032, my colleague confirmed that you can go back and continue your vote. You’ll have to click Confirm for each vote. Once you do this, it will be final and if you go back, you will only be allowed to vote on items that haven't previously been confirmed.
18:20 < Axu-197032> boris_chatmonitor: thank you.
18:22 < boris_chatmonitor> You're welcome!
18:27 < boris_chatmonitor> Christian Kaufmann has asked for questions.
18:33 < ripe_133> Ouch.
18:33 < ripe_133> That was a very good question about a spammer candidate
18:36 < boris_chatmonitor> Gwen van Berne is now presenting about the Financial Report 2019.
18:38 < joes_mom> ewo lifeforms
18:38 < ripe_133> hello mom
18:39 < ripe_133> it seems the transcript service lost its human controllers, it's filling with placeholders
18:39 < joes_mom> hello child
18:41 < ripe_133> Ouch again. The "phenomenal growth" was due to high price of ipv4 and people buying them en masse.
18:41 < ripe_133> I guess "phenomenal amount of LIR closes" were also observed
18:42 < ripe_133> as the 2 years ticked away on ipv4 blocks
18:42 < Will_2613> ripe_133: would you mind using /nick so we could know who you are ?
18:42 < will-h> they must be terrible disappointed with the RIPE NCC service, to be cancelling ;-)
18:42 < teh> Will_2613: I was just thinking the same
18:43 < grin_8462> will2613: well the suggested nick is invalid, so.... :-)
18:43 < grin_8462> Is it possible to join this irc by a sane client? I'm looking through the hole on a webpage. :-(
18:44 < teh> Yes,
18:44 < iocc> it is
18:44 < Will_2613> you actually have the link with password on the client page where you used the web client
18:44 < will-h> the keey for this channel is ee9ai7qu
18:48 < Acontios-34019> Seems that all the Iranian candidates except one are "WITHDREW"
18:49 < iocc> where do you see the candidates?
18:49 < will-h>
18:49 < iocc> thanks.
18:49 < boris_chatmonitor> grin_8462, indeed you can join by connecting to and joining the group chat #gm ee9ai7qu
18:51 < no_mimoa> Will prices on signup fee and yearly fees be adjusted due to the good economy?
18:51 < will-h> no_mimoa: see Charging Scheme 2021
18:52 < boris_chatmonitor> no_mimoa, do you want me to copy your question in the Zoom Q&A?
18:52 < will-h>
18:52 < will-h>
18:53 < will-h> I am happy with the rebate setup we have operated in recent years
18:54 < grin8462> Thanks, works fine!
18:54 < teh> Tarr, Bredband and Claranet all have remarkably similar ASNs
18:55 < lochii> which are?
18:55 < teh> s/Bredband/Telenor/
18:55 < lochii> ah
18:55 < Martin_atnd> Think we'll all need to switch to "/server -6" to show what we're think about ipv4+ ? ;)
18:55 < Axu-197032> teh: trex's ASN is 29432, and at one point three of our members were 29243, 29422 and 39242...
18:56 < boris_chatmonitor> Gwen van Berne has asked for questions.
18:56 < grin8462> teh, yes, they are the same amount of numbers!
18:58 < teh> grin8462: is it beer o'clock already?
18:58 < teh> Axu-197032: ha, ouch.
19:01 < grin> Martin_atnd, there ought to be a v6 only name for that, but anyway, it seems most clients prefer v6 anyway.
19:03 < grin8462> I wish Remco has more volume.
19:03 < Martin_atnd> grin8462: just noticed mirc doesn't.. but /server -6 works .. not important, just cosmetics ;)
19:05 < will-h> grin8462: feed him some more pies
19:05 < will-h> URLs for reports:
19:05 < will-h> presentations
19:06 < grin8462> By the way if anyone is not aware there's live written transcript at
19:06 < will-h> Transcript is super handy too
19:12 < blake> don’t forget that the NCC is a non-profit, Dutch tax structure applies differently
19:13 < Axu-197032> somehow i feel like NL is not even close to being the highest cost country in EU
19:13 < grin8462> Good point, Remco.
19:14 < grin8462> Would you go and work for the half of the money in Bulgaria? ;-)
19:14 < blake> also recall that with issues like sanctions & cybercrime, the Dutch government is likely to be one of the better partners you can work with...
19:15 < grin8462> (As a sidenote, this zoom Q&A window is crap)
19:15 < joes_uncle_uk_wasted> blake: yup
19:15 < pasha> yeah, we shouldn't move the RIPE NCC to a country that has a government which attacks fundamental liberties and the Internet.
19:16 < iocc> .nl also got better infrastructure
19:16 < will-h> yes, the NCC office is well positioned for access by both rail and canal
19:17 < joes_uncle_uk_wasted> and car and bike
19:17 < will-h> and bicycle :)
19:17 < will-h> car, less so
19:17 < Axu-197032> will-h: rude ;-p
19:17 < MarkS-> < grin8462> (As a sidenote, this zoom Q&A window is crap) << I can only agree
19:17 < blake> Also IMHO moving the RIPE NCC to a country that has either recently joined the EU or is at risk of leaving it would not be such a bright idea...
19:17 < grin8462> to be honest it's not fair to ask Christian about his fellow spammer nominee
19:17 < joes_uncle_uk_wasted> if you find parking :P
19:17 < Axu-197032> will-h: you forgot clogs
19:17 < will-h> are clogs infrastructure? I know windmills are
19:17 < blake> canals
19:18 < Axu-197032> will-h: it's a transport method
19:18 < pasha> I don't think that we should consider the EU. I wouldn't mind the RIPE NCC to be in a country that is not in the EU, if it's a free, open and stable country.
19:18 < MarkS-> < will-h> car, less so << with a few minute walk you have a big car parking location, so not a real problem if you ask me
19:18 < joes_uncle_uk_wasted> marks: i found parking right outside last time at the gracht
19:19 < Axu-197032> pasha: i think the key here could be that RIPE NCC is distributed in a few countries, amsterdam is just the headquarters?
19:19 < will-h> bargain for only 20eur/hr no doubt ;)
19:19 < MarkS-> joes_uncle_uk_wasted: how long ago? now they are located at the central station and there parking at the gracht is expensive/impossible
19:19 < pasha> Axu-197032: yes but what advantages would it give?
19:19 < blake> “Better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in” -LBJ
19:19 < MarkS-> will-h: 8 EUR/hr or 20 EUR/day or something like that I believe
19:19 < will-h> only parking IN the gracht
19:19 < Axu-197032> pasha: time zone compatibility, avoidance of some sanctions or trade restrictions
19:20 < joes_uncle_uk_wasted> uh maybe two years ago, havent had a need since :)
19:20 < will-h> the RIPE NCC already has offices elsewhere
19:20 < pasha> Axu-197032: I think that people would tend to isolate more in this fashion.
19:20 < will-h> well, just Dubai but ...
19:21 < Axu-197032> also, having an office in certain countries will also instill more trust in certain regions
19:21 < Aziraphale> at 14% it's the best turnout I've yet seen and I've been calculating it for a few years
19:21 < asbjorn> not all of the 25k are able to vote yet
19:21 < jssfr> Aziraphale, do you have historic numbers at hand?
19:21 < will-h> Dubai provides an accessible place for many in that region
19:21 < pasha> I think that people who would find it convenient to have local office are in countries that are isolated and where the real Internet doesn't really exist.
19:21 < blake> yep 14% is huge ever since we've gone to /22 per lir
19:22 < Aziraphale> jssfr: not to hand, but it was often around 5%
19:22 < grin8462> those 25k are about 25% only for one /22 and go after 2 years + 1 day
19:22 < jssfr> Aziraphale, thanks.
19:22 < will-h> pasha: you can't drop by and carry your addresses home
19:22 < Aziraphale> been going up slightly over the last year or so
19:22 < Aziraphale> but not like this
19:22 < Axu-197032> will-h: no carry trade?
19:23 < blake> from Fergal in Zoom chat: "The voting presentation later will have historical voting stats, by the way."
19:23 < jssfr> perfect, thanks
19:24 < grin8462> zoom chat is almost empty for me
19:24 < Axu-197032> blake-the-zoom-bridge ;-p
19:24 < Aziraphale> cool, I've only ever calculated them on the fly but didn't keep a record
19:24 < grin8462> 2 msgs, one from Falk and one from Remco
19:24 < will-h> atho i'm sure im in a photo with Axel receiving the last /8 years ago ...
19:25 < grin8462> go go gwen!
19:26 < boris_chatmonitor> Gwen van Berne is now presenting on the Charging Scheme 2021.
19:27 < grin8462> nov 2019 - v4 is out, last /22 for new members
19:27 < grin8462> ah typo
19:27 < grin8462> no edit in irc ;)
19:29 < grin8462> 3 February 2011
19:29 < grin8462> so from 2011 the new membership fees are actually income for /22 allocations
19:30 < grin8462> and since its out till 2019 this income will go
19:33 < boris_chatmonitor> Gwen van Berne has asked for questions.
19:34 < grin8462> By the way I'm pretty sure that my question about whether it's legal and ethical that one GM nominee have offeed 30000 EUR compensation for everyone who votes on him in form of free ipv4 allocations... but I hope nobody will vote on Elad anyway.
19:34 < pasha> grin8462: lol, I didn't hear that one :)
19:35 < pasha> Just one more of his many bs.
19:35 < grin8462> pasha, read your spam...
19:35 < grin8462> you get a free /19 (I think) if you vote for him
19:36 < will-h> not of ipv4 tho
19:36 < pasha> grin8462: I've received some from him, but he mentioned other things. I've also read his IPv4+ rant which was very funny.
19:37 < MarkS-> will-h: it is of ipv4+ a free /19 or /21 or something like that
19:37 < grin8462> hear hear!
19:37 < jssfr> hah
19:38 < ripe_486> a /19 of something not implementable in any reasonable amount of still a /19 of nothing...
19:38 < rsc> grin8462: not IPv4, but only "second class" IPv4+ ;-)
19:38 < blake> might as well be IPv8
19:39 < grin8462> rsc, you are probably the soldier of the worldwide secret society against ipv4 freedom. or like.
19:39 < iocc> and click on William Sylvester gives 404.
19:40 < blake>
19:40 < chn> the profiles are all in one page
19:40 < rsc> iocc: click another candidate and scroll down
19:40 < grin8462> blake, well ipv6 took about 30 years, I'm sure it's a great opportunity for him
19:40 < will-h> MarkS-: OK, here, have your free /19 of rotten apples ....
19:40 < will-h> might as well be giving out ...
19:40 < MarkS-> will-h: lol
19:40 < iocc> rsc: yeah what i did but FYI there is a error
19:41 < Axu-197032>
19:41 < rsc> Axu-197032: 999.0.0.0/8?
19:41 < jssfr> 666.
19:42 < grin8462> RIPE in the background is mirrored ;-)
19:42 < Axu-197032> grin8462: perhaps it's a statement?
19:42 < grin8462> ccn epir? oh. right.
19:43 < boris_chatmonitor> iocc, I will ask my collegues to look into this issue.
19:43 < grin8462> here comes the nothing
19:43 < iocc> boris_chatmonitor: thanks
19:43 < blake> something poetic about this...
19:44 < lochii> I was somehow expecting that to be longer
19:44 < boris_chatmonitor> Video statements from candidates are now being played.
19:44 < iocc> lochii: me too..
19:44 < Aziraphale> "This is a party-political statement on behalf of the Foo Party. The Foo Party is solely responsible for content shown"
19:44 < grin8462> "video -- except from specific nominees"
19:45 < blake> uh is anyone else getting no audio?
19:45 < jssfr> audio works for me
19:45 < jssfr> (stream)
19:45 < grin8462> lochii, I actually have guessed that he won't put video on, and I won.
19:45 < pasha> audio is fine.
19:45 < grin8462> works for me on web client
19:47 < grin8462> It seems Remco answers in the chat window to something I do not see.
19:48 < grin8462> Why the chinese and russian listening this through zoom hijacked traffic and flawed encryption fix the sound? ;-)
19:48 < marita_ncc> grin8462: if someone post in the Zoom Chat to 'All panelists' but not to 'All panelists and attendees' then you won't see the question
19:49 < grin8462> marita_ncc, oh, okay. That explains it.
19:49 < grin8462> Sound is horribly off sync to the video.
19:49 < pasha> grin8462: with zoom?
19:50 < grin8462> zoom, web client. not the speakers but the recorded stuff.
19:50 < amd2-ripe> it's a bit funny watching christian watching christian :)
19:50 < grin8462> right now it's about 2 seconds off (Christian)
19:51 < thesix_atdotmur> amd2-ripe: Piotr is watching ... ;)
19:51 < Aziraphale> reaction videos are all the rage
19:52 < grin8462> my reaction IS a rage, well, about the first ;-)
19:52 < ripe_942> did I miss Elad?
19:52 < pasha> ripe_942: yes
19:52 < ripe_942> :-(
19:52 < pasha> he was the first
19:52 < chn> he was first
19:52 < grin8462> I must not look at the video, it's so much off sync
19:52 < chn> and here all is in sync
19:53 < grin8462> ripe_942, there was no video
19:53 < thesix_atdotmur> video seems fine on the livestream
19:53 < Martin_atnd> grin8462, sadly ... :(
19:53 < boris_chatmonitor> If you're experiencing issues with Zoom or the webstream, you can reach out to our Technical Support Team:
19:54 < iocc> zoom are in sync for me
19:54 < Andreas> +1
19:54 < Will_2613> yep here too
19:54 < Kurt_Kayser> sync is ok here.
19:55 < grin8462> I don't reload the client now... I don't want to miss anyone
19:55 < grin8462> OOohhh no sense of humour
19:55 < Aziraphale> I think you need that in the RIPE NCC
19:56 < grin8462> okay, reload didn't fix it
19:56 < blake>
19:57 < pasha> grin8462: do you have an older cpu? I guess zoom uses vp8 or vp9, it could be that your cpu struggle at decoding.
19:57 < ripe_575> It is a complete lie, this is what written in the article link above:
19:57 < grin8462> pasha, not really :-)
19:57 < ripe_575> "It must be noted that Cohen is not being accused of any illegal activity in this report."
19:58 < grin8462> pasha, cpu is about 15% ;)
19:58 < ripe_875> cohen is a meme
19:58 < Axu-197032> has someone met cohen in person?
19:59 < Martin_atnd> ripe_875, but without a picture ... there can't be a meme :/
19:59 < iocc> pix or it didnt happend
19:59 < ripe_575> Many people met me in person !!!
19:59 < rhe_uk_janet> Axu-197032: This might be the point to ask your question about voting in stages...
19:59 < rhe_uk_janet> (If it hasn't been answered already.)
20:00 < Axu-197032> rhe_uk_janet: i already got a satisfactory answer
20:00 < rhe_uk_janet> Cool.
20:00 < boris_chatmonitor> Alun Davies is now presenting on voting at the General Meeting.
20:00 < Aziraphale> 18%!
20:00 < grin8462> russia?!
20:00 < Aziraphale> looks more like germany
20:00 < grin8462> seems like a thrieving ipv4 business
20:01 < will-h> thriving or theiving ?
20:01 < Aziraphale> you misspelt "thieveing" ;D
20:01 < Aziraphale> and so di I
20:01 < Aziraphale> *did
20:01 * grin8462 laughs
20:02 < grin8462> Can I vote against someone please? :-)
20:02 < blake> the main point: "a ranked choice vote is still a vote. do not vote for candidates you do not wish to see on the board"
20:02 < blake> did I send that here already? if so, apologies for the repost
20:02 < grin8462> this basically answered my not then asked question ;-)
20:03 < grin8462> blake, it's useful enough to be repeated
20:03 < jssfr> boris_chatmonitor: Jonas Schäfer, CLOUD&HEAT Technologies GmbH. I have a question about the tiebreaking in instant runoff. It is always said that "the system" is doing that. Is there any transparency as to how the system randomly makes such choices? Is something like RFC 3797 (Publicly Verifiable Nominations Committee (NomCom) Random Selection) used?
20:04 < thesix_atdotmur> jssfr: good question!
20:04 < Jan_Plassmann> Jonas +1
20:04 < ripe_179> can you please paste the link to the video to the chat? thanks!
20:04 < jssfr> ripe_179,
20:04 < blake>
20:04 < ripe_179> thanks!
20:04 < boris_chatmonitor> jssfr, thank you for your question, I've copied it in the Zoom Q&A.
20:05 < jssfr> boris_chatmonitor, thanks
20:06 < jssfr> thanks for the reply (if anyone from the panel sees that)
20:08 < chn> bad sound from Piotr :(
20:08 < jssfr> +1
20:08 < iocc> yes same here
20:08 < grin8462> +1
20:08 < boris_chatmonitor> Piotr Strzyżewski is now presenting on Executive Board resolutions.
20:09 < chn> now better
20:09 < iocc> +1
20:10 < chn> ok, now I'm confused
20:10 < chn> ah, Ulka clarified :D
20:10 < joes_uncle_uk_wasted> its already live :)
20:11 < jssfr> can we get the nice music back now?
20:11 < thesix_atdotmur> it's live already ;)
20:11 < Axu-197032> is ok to go to bed now?
20:11 < Andreas> yes
20:11 < chn> good night then \o/
20:12 < grin8462> thank you all!
20:12 < grin8462> zoom is crap
20:12 < ripe_179> LoL
20:12 < grin8462> especially the video inserts
20:12 < grin8462> and I had to move around the image of the speaker not to overlay the sldes
20:13 < grin8462> and cannot reply to the question on my Q&A
20:13 < grin8462> and don't see half of the chat
20:13 < chn> yeah, with all the security issues, I don't get why RIPE is using it
20:13 < boris_chatmonitor> The session has now ended, thank you for attending.