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Dmitry Burkov

At present Dmitry Burkov takes the position of Business Development Executive in IBM East Europe/Asia. More information at:

Dmitry graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, Russia, in 1983. His major areas of study were cross-development systems and network simulations. During his education he started working at the Laboratory of Network Technologies/Microsystems in Russian Academy of Sciences. He contributed to the development of multi-computer real-time systems for research automatisation and has been involved in building of first X.25-based packet-switched networks in USSR. Later he took part in porting Unix to different Soviet-made computers and has got Government Award for this work.

Dmitry was one of those who have set up first Russian ISPs: Demos (Moscow, 1988) and Rcom Ltd. (St.Petersburg, 1991). Over the years, he was responsible for the development of Relcom/Eunet network - first national level ISP in Russia. He worked as a member of Executive Board and Board of Directors of JSC Relcom and was involved in international cooperation, participating in EUnet, RIPE, etc. In the first half of 90s he was a board member of Soviet Unix User Group. Dmitry took active part in creation of first Russian IX - MSK-IX (1995) and one of the first national research IP-networks - RELARN (1994).

Dmitry worked on development of TLD .RU and was the first Chairman of Council of Coordination Center for TLD .RU. Now he is the member of the Council and participates in international contacts on behalf of Coordination Center.

In 1998-2006 Dmitry Burkov took several positions in OJSC Rostelecom. He was engaged in development and production of Rostelecom Internet services, building of the largest national IP-backbone (now called Rtcomm).

Dmitry consistently defends self-regulation approach in Internet being Member of IT Council of Russia's Minister for Information Technologies and Communications. He participated in WSIS process at national and regional levels; was an expert in developing of several laws and national concepts for telecommunication sphere. He was involved in ICANN preliminary process and participated in ICANN AtLarge Elections process. More information at:

Joao Luis Silva Damas

Joao Luis Silva Damas (Joao Damas) has been involved with RIPE since 1997 when joining the RIPE NCC as network engineer. Joao left the RIPE NCC in 2003, at the time being the CTO, to work for Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) as Senior Programme manager, but staying in good old Europe.

He has continued to be active in RIPE as chairman of the routing wg and for the last 18 months putting together the programme for the RIPE Meeting plenary (with a little help from my friends :)

Joao also participates in work at other RIRs, mainly presenting at LACNIC and APNIC.

While currently not working for an LIR, Joao would like to be in the RIPE NCC Association's board seeking to represent LIRs at large in the RIPE region, without regard to nationality, language or business type with particular attention to networks outside central Europe. Joao is an easy target to approach at many international meetings and via email.