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Lars-Johan Liman

Lars-Johan Liman, M.Sc, works as Senior Systems Specialist at Autonomica AB, computer consultants in Stockholm, Sweden, daughter company to Netnod Internet Exchange.

Following his graduation at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he worked for 8 years at its Network Operations Centre, from where three Internet backbones were managed - the Swedish University Network (SUNET), the joint Nordic Academic Network (NORDUnet), and the pan-European backbone Ebone. The NOC also housed the world's first DNS root name server outside the USA, and Lars-Johan became responsible for its operation at an early stage.Now, more than 10 years later, he still is, although the server operations are now based at the major Internet exchange point in Stockholm.

Over the years, Lars-Johan has worked in various roles, including work with the domain name system, starting with administration of DNS databases and continuing with the more theoretical side of things like operational issues, registration of domain names, and standardization of protocols. Internet routing and address allocation have been natural parts of his everyday life for more than 10 years. Lars-Johan has participated in the IETF and RIPE since 1993, and he took part in the creation of the current domain name registry for .SE, and in the early days of ICANN as a member of the gtld-MOU Policy Oversight Committee (POC).

His current connection to ICANN is as member of its Root Server System Advisory Committe and as RSSAC's representative in the nominations committee for ICANN's board of trustees. In the RIPE community Lars-Johan has followed the NCC and its development at close range as SUNET's and later Netnod's LIR contact, and also in technical cooperation with its staff.

Manfredo Miserocchi

Degree in Law in 1982, Business Unit Manager of INA S.p.A. (biggest Italian insurance company) in 1990, CEO of Andromeda S.a.s. (networking company) in 1995, still CEO of Atragon s.r.l. (outsourcing network company) since 1999 and Managing Director of Warinet Global Services SA (LIR and network services company) in Switzerland. He became C++ programmer, Network Engineer and so he set up ch.atragon LIR in 1999.

Now he's involved in network and information security projects. He is RSA SecureID and BSafe certified Engineer and has attended all RIPE Meetings since RIPE 37. He also attended the LIR course in Lisbon in 2000.

He was elected to the RIPE-NCC board 3 years ago, and is now standing for re-election guessing for stability in the European Internet governance.

Kees Neggers

Kees Neggers is Managing Director of SURFnet bv. He was involved as an initiator and Board member in several International network related organizations such as RARE, TERENA, Ebone, Internet Society and RIPE NCC. Currently he is active in the set up of GLIF, the Global Lambda Integrated Facility. Present positions held in Internet related international activities include:

  • Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board;
  • European Co-Chair of the CCIRN;
  • Chairperson of the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF);
  • Member of the Board of the IEEAF.

Jim Reid

Although he's a relative newcomer to RIPE and the NCC, Jim has been involved in networking since the days of X.25 and UUCP.

Jim is the pro tem Exec Director for the DNS Manufacturers Operators and Developers Association, DNS-MODA, a neutral, not-for-profit organisation for promoting and advancing the Domain Name System. In that role and in his previous job at Nominum he dealt with all types of RIPE NCC members -- ISPs, TLD registries, vendors, IXPs, telcos, registrars, etc: pretty much any organisation that relies on the DNS. That experience should mean he has a good understanding of the needs of a wide range of the RIPE NCC membership.

He chairs the DNS Working Group at RIPE, a role he "inherited" 4 years ago. Jim organised the ENUM BoFs that led to the creation of the ENUM Working Group last year. He is active in European ENUM developments, engaging with governments, regulators and organisations like ITU and ETSI. Jim managed the 2003 UK ENUM trial and chaired the UK ENUM Trial Group.

In his role as a system/network administrator and DNS engineer, Jim has worked for internet start-ups and academia as well as a multinational company and an international treaty organisation. He owns and runs a small consulting company.