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Chat Transcripts

18:20 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi. I’m Fergal from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions during the GM then please let me know here and I will ask it for you.
18:20 < eth0> I think it's muted again until they begin
18:20 < Fergal_RIPENCC> You need to state your full name and organization before I can ask your question.
18:20 < Fergal_RIPENCC> And please ask as early as possible as there is a slight delay on the stream.
18:20 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Christian Kaufman is presenting the report from the Executive Board.
18:20 < pascal_ch_lan> Fergal, no audio here
18:20 < ripe_233> there is no audio
18:20 < se_sgs> please, unmute microphone
18:20 < Uus_Programm_Estonia> No AUDIO
18:21 < eth0> No audio.. :)
18:21 < ripe_233> now its good
18:21 < Erhan_EREEY> audio is to low
18:21 < pascal_ch_lan> better ;)
18:22 < Uus_Programm_Estonia> NO AUDIO IN VLC
18:23 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Can you restart if still not working?
18:24 < Uus_Programm_Estonia> in VLC VERY VERY LOW volume
18:25 < ripe_311> Is there no sound on the stream?
18:25 < Uus_Programm_Estonia> no voice in VLC after restart to
18:25 < ripe_311> It worked in Safari
18:26 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi. Maybe best to use the browser stream until we can fix it.
18:26 < Marita_RIPENCC> It's working fine for me in VLC
18:27 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Any questions?
18:27 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Axel Pawlik is presenting the Draft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2019
18:28 < Uus_Programm_Estonia> VLC 3.0.3 default setting no sound only video
18:29 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I'm not sure if we can solve it in time - can you use a different option to view?
18:29 < Marita_RIPENCC> Uus_Programm_Estonia: maybe use in the meantime?
18:29 < Fergal_RIPENCC> If we can fix it I'll let you know here.
18:29 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Yes please :)
18:30 < Uus_Programm_Estonia> already webstream
18:36 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Are there any questions?
18:38 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Next up is Gwen van Berne presenting the Financial Update.
18:40 < pascal_ch_lan> Pascal Gloor (ch.lan) Following up the question regarding Brexit. The only impact I can see is for RIPE NCC employees that might loose their right to work in NL. My comment is that NCC should make contact with NL authorities regarding this potential issue.
18:40 < Uus_Programm_Estonia> Good if you organisate next time translation to another language.
18:41 < pascal_ch_lan> Fergal, can you follow up pls?
18:42 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi Pascal - I can ask at the end of Gwen's presentation?
18:42 < pascal_ch_lan> Fergal, absolutely ;)
18:42 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Will do, Pascal.
18:48 < Fergal_RIPENCC> By the way, if you are voting electronically then the link will become active at the end of the GM.
18:52 < Uus_Program_ee_eeri> where is link?
18:53 < Uus_Program_ee_eeri> What is mean "link will become active at the end of the GM." ??
18:53 < Fergal_RIPENCC> If you registered for electronic voting you should have received an email with a link to the voting software.
18:53 < Fergal_RIPENCC> If you didn't get an email, please email [email protected]
18:54 < Uus_Program_ee_eeri> email sent
18:56 < tr_ereey_net> hum,,
19:07 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Gwen is about to finish - if you have a question let me know.
19:08 < pascal_ch_lan> Just a comment, thumbs up for Gwen for her great work
19:09 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I can add that comment to the previous, Pascal.
19:09 < pascal_ch_lan> do that :)
19:24 < pascal_ch_lan> how long is the question queue?
19:26 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Athina Fragkouli is presenting on proposed amendments to the RIPE NCC Articles of Association.
19:27 < pascal_ch_lan> thank you Fergal ;) tomorrow we'll have session together and I'll learn you how to pronounce my name, haha ;)
19:27 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I didn't want to ask on chat but was alreay sure I would get it wrong ;)
19:28 < pascal_ch_lan> Job did worse at NLNOG, your version wasn't that bad ;)
19:28 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I feel better now.
19:31 < ripe_711> about 3rd change: what happens with original vote between current meeting and next meeting?
19:31 < ripe_711> is it in effect or not?
19:31 < pascal_ch_lan> Question: will the decision been suspended until the 2nd vote?
19:32 < ripe_711> pascal_ch_lan: yes, that exactly
19:32 < pascal_ch_lan> Fergal, you can merge our questions, they are identical
19:32 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Yes indeed. I need a name for ripe_711
19:33 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Or can ask under Pascal's name.
19:33 < pascal_ch_lan> ripe_711, who are you ? ;)
19:33 < Fergal_RIPENCC> thank you
19:35 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Athina is finished.
19:35 < pascal_ch_lan> good
19:35 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Finally, Alun Davies is going to present on the voting procedure.
19:38 < pascal_ch_lan> I have to go, thanks for your work Fergal, see ya later/tomorrow
19:38 < pascal_ch_lan> (2nd time you said my name was almost perfect :))
19:39 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I knew it had to be like that if first was wrong. Glad I got a second go :)
19:41 < eth0> Does the sample e-mail link work so we can get an extra vote? :P
19:43 < Fergal_RIPENCC> I really, really hope not ;)
19:44 < Fergal_RIPENCC> It was a test account so it won't work but good idea :)
19:45 < eth0> Also, a more serious question.. How do you ensure a physical participant can't vote remotely too? Is this done purely on the selection from the LIR Portal?
19:45 < eth0> Only if you know the answer Fergal.. No need to ask it.. :)
19:46 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi eth0 - Yes indeed. The software doesn't even allow two vote reegistrations from the same member.
19:47 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Physical attendees are allowed to vote electronically but they won't get a paper ballot if they do.
19:47 < eth0> Oh okay.. Didn't know how the physical ballots were handed out..
19:47 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Can I ask if the voting link works for someone?
19:47 < eth0> It works for me
19:48 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Excellent. Thanks for letting me know.
19:49 < frinnst> heh, there we go :-)
19:49 < eth0> Haha
19:49 < Fergal_RIPENCC> :)