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Update from the RIPE NCC - PDF 3.2MB
Axel Pawlik
The RIPE NCC reporting for the General Meeting was presented in the RIPE NCC Services Working Group, which took place on 7 October 2009 from 16:00-17:30. The RIPE NCC reports were not repeated in the members-only section of the General Meeting.

RIPE NCC Executive Board Report - PDF 236KB
Nigel Titley

Draft RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2010 - PDF 328KB
Jochem de Ruig

Review of Membership Developments - PDF 544KB
Jochem de Ruig

RIPE NCC Budget 2010 - PDF 656KB
Axel Pawlik and Jochem de Ruig

Changes to RIPE NCC Articles of Association - PDF 140KB
Jochem de Ruig

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