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Dmitry Kohmanyuk Biography


Dmitry Kohmanyuk graduated in 1992 from the Cybernetics Department of Kiev Taras Shevchenko University in Kiev (then Soviet Union, presently Ukraine), receiving a Masters Degree with honors.

He now resides in Kiev and works as Director for Public Relations of Hostmaster Ltd, the registry for the .UA domain. He actively participates in the Internet community, attending local, regional and international forums, including RIPE, CENTR, ICANN, IGF and other meetings. Hostmaster Ltd ( is a RIPE NCC member and will host the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting/ENOG in Odessa in May 2012.

Dmitry speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and English (with a small set of Dutch words if needed.)


Dmitry has direct operational experience with networked Unix systems and router equipment, co-founding and running one of first Ukrainian ISPs back in 1991 (Communication Systems). His work included several technology start-up companies in the United States in the role of systems administrator, developer support and operations. He can write code and shell scripts, was a co-author of RFC 2319 and participated in the Ukrainian Unix Users Group.

He has been directly involved with Ukrainian ccTLD registration and operation since 1996, in both non-commerical and commerical forms, and continuously represented ccTLD with IANA. He sits on the board of Hostmaster. In the last two years, the local policy development process has restarted, community service has improved, IDNs have launched and operational migration to IPv6 was completed, as well as DNSSEC launch in March 2012.

Non-profit work includes IPv6 as well as DNSSEC promotion in the region, participating in UA-IX as a member of the technical committee and speaking with press to communicate about Internet technology, security and privacy issues. Two IGF-UA forums in Ukraine in 2010 and 2011 were organised with support from Dmitry and Hostmaster.


As a person with a diverse background and a network of personal connections in CIS, Europe and North America, Dmitry would work to help fulfill the interests of LIR registries using RIPE NCC services, both operationally and strategically.

As somebody with operational, project, management and public relations experience, Dmitry can work in several functions to serve the RIPE NCC mission globally.

Election Statement

"We should take successful years of RIPE operation as an example and optimise what processes and services we have, while adding more local outreach in less-developed communities. I would be happy to work with the Board on making us leaner, smarter and quicker to make changes without compromising the consensus-building framework we have. Being an online service does not preclude us from having more off-line events. ENOG is good step in this direction, as well as other regional meetings.

In my opinion, it is in the best interest of members of the RIPE NCC to let new members into the board. Therefore, I would not consider running for re-election after my term expires.

My employer would allow me to spend my time on public interest activities.

I look forward to be being part of this team, to contribute and to learn from the experience. Being on the Executive Board is just one more way to help the community."


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