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Chat Logs

General Meeting 
Wednesday, 18th May 2022 
At 4:30 p.m.:

Boris Duval - 18-05-2022 16:30:39
Hi everyone, I'm Boris from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker, please write it in the Q&A window also stating your affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Peter Koch - 18-05-2022 16:58:14
would it be possible to pause the meeting for 1 or 2 mins, so that bthe captioning can catch up? It is a bit confusing right now

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 17:00:25
I am still waiting here

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 17:00:32
to ask another question

Sergey Myasoedov - 18-05-2022 17:00:49
I resend the request to QA section

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 17:01:26
why am I ignored? I've had my hand raised for a few minutes...

Boris Duval - 18-05-2022 17:02:42
Good point. Our tech team is working on it.

Boris Duval - 18-05-2022 17:02:58
(about the steno delay)

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 17:03:39
I've asked the question in the Q&A too, maybe it can be read to the mic while the tech issues are being resolved.

Sergey Myasoedov - 18-05-2022 17:05:28
I believe this can be also the CoC team issue, and Cynthia raised this point, but the board decided not to deal this way. Why?

Florian Streibelt - 18-05-2022 17:08:25
The Ripe NCC != The Ripe Community. So first this has to be handled in the "Company" Ripe NCC I guess, as long as it is not a community issue

Aaron Weintraub - 18-05-2022 17:08:41
I think it is caught up now, that's the last thing I remember being said?

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 17:08:58
Boris, did I do anything wrong? I did have my hand raised here for several minutes and nobody noticed...

Jonas Schäfer - 18-05-2022 17:13:48
FYI, I cannot see your raised hand currently; I'm not sure if this is only visible to the hosts, but if it is also visible to others, it doesn't seem to work.
Also, my understanding is that they attempted to keep the audio stream clean to let the stenography stuff catch up.

Peter Koch - 18-05-2022 17:15:43
thanks, Boris & team; the captioning is really added value, glad the repair worked - and the patience and silence in the room was remarkable, this crowd knows how to deal with buffers ;-)

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 17:15:49
I had my hand raised for minutes before CK introduced Simon-Jan

Fergal Cunningham - 18-05-2022 17:17:10
Elvis, I believe it was seen after the Chairman had decided to close the queue. He's aware of the question now and will decide if he will go back to it.

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 17:19:15
Fergal, there was no formal announcement that the queue was closed. thank you, I'll raise my hand again later, once Simon-Jan's part is over

Ivan Pietukhov - 18-05-2022 17:19:19
Some time ago in the mailing list the question was raised about waving the membership fee for the current year for Ukrainian LIRs, because objectively we are in a very difficult situation, both in terms of functioning and in terms of receiving payments from our clients.
Firstly, I would like to know the results of the consideration of our request. Even if it is a rejection, we would like to know about it.
Secondly, we would like to express real disappointment about the fact that this is not the first time when requests from professional associations, such as the Internet Association of Ukraine, remain without any answer. A big request to think about improving the procedure of interaction with such bodies.

Boris Duval - 18-05-2022 17:20:02
Hi Ivan, please write your question in the Q&A panel (icon with question mark) or please wait until the end of the talk and ask your question using audio. Thank you!

Ivan Pietukhov - 18-05-2022 17:22:10
OK thanks!

Hans Petter Holen - 18-05-2022 17:23:53
Ivan: The Chairman addressed waiving fees in his presentation, so did I. We have currently decided to extend payment terms for a year at a time.

Hans Petter Holen - 18-05-2022 17:24:32
A formal response will follow after the board has heard the membership here at the GM and considered the feedback.

Ivan Pietukhov - 18-05-2022 17:27:53
Thank you very much, obviously.
Do I need to move a question to the question panel?

Boris Duval - 18-05-2022 17:28:21
yes exactly, that would be the best.

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 18:10:55
although CK said that voting is open, it isn't...

Boris Duval - 18-05-2022 18:11:18
This session has now ended. The result of voting on the resolution will be announced at 10:30 (UTC+2) on Friday. More information is available on

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 18:11:18
oh, it is now...

Florian Streibelt - 18-05-2022 18:11:25
:spock-hand: cu

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 18:11:40
and my question remained ignored :)

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 18:11:48
why am I not surprised...

Elvis Daniel Velea - 18-05-2022 18:12:03
we are asked to vote for a board member that may be a bully

Serbulov Dmitry - 18-05-2022 18:14:47
By! Everyone.