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General Meeting Taking Place Today - Don't Forget to Register!

Dear all,

Registration for the RIPE NCC General Meeting closes at 14:00 UTC+2 today.
Don't forget to register if you want to follow discussions, vote for your
preferred charging scheme for 2025, and elect your candidates for the RIPE
NCC Executive Board.

You can register to participate and vote at:

All the information you need to make informed decisions is available from
our GM webpages:

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is now mandatory for RIPE NCC Access
account holders. If you have not enabled 2FA and you click the registration
link, you will need to follow the instructions in an email sent to you by
the RIPE NCC. Once enabled, you will be able to access the LIR Portal to

If you're attending the GM at the venue, don't forget to check in at the
Registration Desk by 16:00 UTC+2 and pick up the sticker you need to gain
access to the meeting.

Best regards,
Fergal Cunningham
Head of Membership Engagement