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Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Dear RIPE NCC members,

Yesterday, we held an Executive Board meeting attended by the RIPE Chair and RIPE NCC Management to discuss the May General Meeting (GM) and RIPE 80 in light of the current situation with COVID-19. The RIPE Chair will communicate shortly regarding the RIPE 80 Meeting.

For the GM, we decided that the meeting will take place as scheduled on 13 May and stay open until 15 May for the voting results announcement, and it will be facilitated remotely. Further details on this will be communicated to members in the coming weeks. We have tasked the RIPE NCC with ensuring that everything is in place to allow full remote participation in the GM, including voting electronically and participating in discussions. Those who have already registered and have chosen to attend in person or use paper ballots will have those converted to the fully remote option.

We therefore encourage all members to register as normal for the GM. Elections will be held for three available Executive Board seats and members will vote on the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme for 2021, among other resolutions. There will also be updates from the Executive Board and the RIPE NCC.

As most members have voted electronically for the past few years, we do not foresee any issues with this approach. There are legal requirements that we need to fulfil and we believe we can carry these out successfully. We also need to take this decision to ensure the health and safety of our members as well as the organising staff and the board members.

All information about the GM, including registration details, is available at:

We look forward to your remote participation and we wish all our members good health and safety during these difficult times.

Kind regards,

Christian Kaufmann
RIPE NCC Executive Board Chairman