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Voting at the GM

One person from each organisation that has been a RIPE NCC member for longer than six months is entitled to vote at the GM. As always, remote participation for voting and joining in discussion during the GM will be available.

The process for registering to vote is quick and easy.

NOTE: All votes cast at the GM are completely anonymous.

Registering to vote electronically

To register, you need to access your General Meetings page. Once there, you can choose the organisation(s) you will represent. Members who have registered to vote will receive an email from the BigPulse voting system prior to the GM.

The deadline to register for electronic voting is 28 October 2020 at 16:00 Amsterdam local time (UTC+1).

Casting your vote at the GM

The Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board will open voting during the GM on Wednesday, 28 October.

Resolutions require a majority vote to be approved. If you are voting by paper ballot, you simply mark one box beside YES, NO or ABSTAIN for the resolution and hand your ballot to the assigned vote collector.

If you are voting electronically, you use the link on the email you received to access the BigPulse voting pages.

Members can cast their votes electronically until 09:00 Amsterdam local time (UTC+1) on Friday, 30 October.

Results of the Voting

At 10:45 Amsterdam local time (UTC+1) on 30 October, the Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board will announce the results of the voting on the resolutions and election. This announcement will be webcast for remote participants in the GM.