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General Meeting - May 2022

The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) will take place from 18-20 May 2022.

The GM will begin with the presentation of reports from the RIPE NCC in the RIPE NCC Services Working Group session at 14:30 (UTC+2) on 18 May. The formal, members-only section of the GM takes place after the RIPE NCC Services Working Group session.

Questions or comments for the Executive Board sent ahead of the GM to agm _at_ ripe _dot_ net are preferred to facilitate a timely meeting.

The result of voting on the resolution will be announced at 10:30 (UTC+2) on Friday, 20 May 2022. If you have any questions about GM organisation, please contact the General Meeting organisation team

GM Vote Registrations Per Country

This table below shows the number of RIPE NCC member votes registered per country (based on RegID) for the GM.

Country Votes
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10 March – Registration open for General Meeting
10 March – Open call for Executive Board Candidate nominations
20 April – All supporting documents for the GM published 
27 April – Close nominations for EB Elections
2 May – Publish all Executive Board Candidate biographies
4 May – Deadline for proxy vote nominations
4 May – Deadline for members to propose resolutions
4 May – Deadline to publish final GM agenda
11 May – RIPE NCC Open House: Meet the Executive Board Candidates
18 May - Close registration for voting at 14:30 (UTC+2)
18 May - GM begins at 16:30 (UTC+2)
20 May - GM closes with announcement of voting results at 10:30 (UTC+2)