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The RIPE NCC Executive Board

RIPE NCC members elect the Executive Board. The Executive Board currently consists of seven people who:

  • Represent the membership and provide guidance to the RIPE NCC Senior Management
  • Are responsible for the overall financial position of the RIPE NCC and for keeping records that allow the current financial situation to be evaluated at any moment
  • Approve the RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget
  • Appoint the RIPE NCC management
  • Call the RIPE NCC General Meetings

RIPE NCC Executive Board Elections

In October 2013, the RIPE NCC membership approved a resolution to expand the Executive Board to a maximum of seven members. On 14 May 2014, an election took place to fill three seats on the Executive Board. In May 2015, another election took place to fill the remaining additional seat.

The RIPE NCC and its Executive Board encourage all those with an interest in the successful development of the RIPE NCC to consider standing for election to the Executive Board. Anyone is eligible to be an Executive Board member as long as they have the written support of five RIPE NCC members.

Executive Board Member - Functions and Expectations

The position of RIPE NCC Executive Board Member is crucial in the corporate governance structure of the RIPE NCC and board members are fully responsible towards the RIPE NCC membership.

Anyone considering standing for election to the board should consider the duties and responsibilities of RIPE NCC Executive Board members.

Current Board Members

Member Role Term Started Term Ends Other Assignments Details
Ondřej Filip Chair  May 2022  May 2025 (3 year seat)    Biography
Piotr Strzyżewski Secretary  May 2021  May 2024 (3 year seat)  Board Liaison to RIPE Nominating Committee  Biography
Raymond Jetten Treasurer May 2020 May 2023 (3 year seat)   Biography
Christian Kaufmann Member  May 2021  May 2023 (3 year seat)    Biography
Remco van Mook Member May 2022 May 2025 (3 year seat)

NRO EC Meeting Observer

RIPE NCC Executive Board Election Task Force

Maria Häll Member May 2020 May 2023 (3 year seat)

Academia and NRENs

Selection Committee for the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund

Job Snijders Member May 2021 May 2024 (3 year seat)   Biography


Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board (EB) holds discussions by means of a closed Internet mailing list.

In addition, the EB has meetings and telephone conferences, the minutes of which are published on this website.

Contact the Executive Board

The RIPE NCC Executive Board is always happy to receive feedback or comments from RIPE NCC membership.

By email

Or telephone +31 20 535 4444