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Minutes 12th Executive Board Meeting

Draft Minutes

Version: 1.2

Keith Mitchell, (KM)
Frode Greisen, (FG)
Kees Neggers, (KN)
Wim Vink, (WV)
Mike Norris (MN)
Daniel Karrenberg, (DK)

KM chaired the meeting.
The agenda was agreed as follows:

The Agenda
1.1 ASO situation and progress
1.2 EU Commission POP meeting 5th July

2. MD recruitment update

3. Next meeting venue & time, 13th July, Oslo

1.1 ASO situation and progress
The Board decided that the overview of Scott Bradner's proposed ASO
submission seems quite promising,
yet we need to give it further thought and wait for the RIR's to agree next week, and post it on a list. We also need to wait for the cover letter from Geoff Huston and get it over to ICANN. If we agree  with the RIR's we can publish and take the process and discuss it at the
IETF and other meetings.

It was decided that we need to get a commitment from the other Boards
that we want some equal principles about our contractual relationship with IANA and/or ICANN. It was decided that it would be good to discuss this at the meeting on Thursday. Further it was agreed that an e-mail would be sent to the Gar-Board list to that effect. Daniel has arranged for legal counsel to represent the RIPE NCC in these negotiations he gave Thursday and Tuesday after noon as possible dates.

1.2 EU Commission POP meeting 5th July

The RIPE NCC is asked to talk about the ASO at this meeting. It would be also
good if we get a RIR consensus proposal that we can report at the meeting. Mirjam and Daniel will attend.

2. MD recruitment update

Kees and Wim are going to have a meeting with Added Value and they
will inform the Board about the results by e-mail.

3. Next meeting venue & time, 13th July, Oslo

The Board decided to hold a telephone conference on the following
Friday 25th of June at 9 am California time to discuss recruitment and
the root server.

Formal First Quarter Financial results will be sent by e-mail.

The Board meeting on 7 September is confirmed and the 17 July meeting
is cancelled.

Actions this meeting

No. Date Who What Status

TC 18 17/06/99 DK Email for Gar-Board members regarding our OPEN
Contractual relationship with ICANN/IANA

TC 19 13/04/99 DK Second quarter financial Report by Email
in July OPEN