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Minutes 5th Executive Board Meeting

Version: 0.1

Keith Mitchell,
Rob Blokzijl,
Frode Greisen,
Daniel Karrenberg,
Kees Neggers,
Wim Vink,
Wilfried Woeber.


The meeting was devoted to the US Govt White paper and the process
of setting up the new IANA.


The white paper was discussed in detail. In particular the following points were raised. The new IANA Corperation has not been defined yet but it will be a not for profit Corporation, located in the US. The board of the Corporation will be the governing organ and will check if the process of doing business is done in a fair way. There will be Councils for the various stake holders. The most important thing for RIPE NCC is to take an active role in defining the role of the Address

- Address Council
This Council will be designed to have the representation of the Regional
Registries. The new Corporation will define the global addressing policies.
Drawing up the policies and coordination between the RIRs will be done in
the Address Council.

- Naming Council
This Council not of direct intereste to the RIPE NCC,
however we are currently still doing work for RIPE CENTR.
The ccTLD participants have made it clear that they want to keep
the policy in their own hands. They have established a policy group, with
Boudewijn Nederkoorn as its chairman. The board agrees that the
RIPE NCC should not be involved in the polical part, besides keeping

contact with the CENTR policy group and coordinate activities.

- Engineering Council
Council which includes the Engineering community/IETF.

- User/Industry Council
Not clearly defined yet.
The European Commission is trying to get some European Council counter


After discussion the following conclusions were drawn:

The RIPE NCC welcomes and supports the setup of a new IANA corporation.

The RIPE NCC shall take an active role in the development of the new IANA and the address council in particular together with the other RIRs.

THe RIPE NCC should not be distracted by the wording of the WP and should concentrate on setting up the new body.

THe RIPE NCC will not question locating the new IANA in the US as long
as current IANA staff will be part of the new IANA at least initially.

The RIPE NCC will contribute to the costs of the current IANA in
preparation for setting up a new entity, preferably together with the
other RIRs.

Related Issues

There will be a workshop in Washington on the 1st and 2nd of July which
bills itself as Global Incorporation Alliance workshop and wants to document consensus on these issues. Research shows that this appears to be mainly supported by NSI. APNIC will not attend. It is not certainwhether John Postel shall attend this workshop. The Washington meeting is not prepared and defined well enough to attend it without the danger of being misunderstood or misrepresented. DK was asked to continue observing this development and to attend at his own discretion if necessary. A major consideration is whether the current IANA will be attending or not.

The WP will also bediscussed in ISOC. A session is scheduled to discuss
this during the conference in Geneva. ISOC is willing to organise this. The board expects that the Geneva meeting will be the crucial focus for the discussion. The board plan to discuss the new IANA and the address council with the APNIC and ARIN boards in Geneva.

Boudewijn Neederkoorn has asked Daniel accompany him to the US on a trip
explaining CENTR to various people including Jon Postel and the Dept of
Commerce. Daniel and Boudewijn are planning a visit to the US in the first week of July. The Board supports that RIPE Centr & RIPE NCC jointly go and explain the European situation and positions, so it is clear that they understand the differences and how we are organised.