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Minutes 158th Executive Board Meeting

Meeting by email, 30 May-15 June 2022


Daniella Coutinho





On 4 May 2022, a call for RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund (CPF) Selection Committee members was issued to replace Tim Wattenberg and Bert Hubert, who reached the end of their terms.

This call resulted in 12 applications from a diverse group of candidates. The Board was asked to select two candidates to serve on the CPF Selection Committee.

The Executive Board appreciated the interest, discussed the possibilities by email and proposed and unanimously agreed on the following candidates: Fiona Krakenbürger and Aydin Aslaner.

The Board expressed its appreciation to all candidates who sent in their applications.

Resolution EB#158-R-01:
The RIPE NCC Executive Board appoints Fiona Krakenbürger and Aydin Aslaner to the available seats on the Community Project Fund Selection Committee.

The RIPE NCC Executive Board unanimously adopted the resolution.