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Minutes 164th Executive Board Meeting

27 February-10 March 2023, Meeting by email


Daniella Coutinho





On 3 February 2023, a call for volunteers for the Executive Board Election Code of Conduct Team was issued for the May 2023 General Meeting Elections.

This call resulted in 7 applications of volunteers who offered to serve on the Executive Board Election Code of Conduct Team. The task of this team will be to evaluate any reports of violations of the election Code of Conduct by candidates.

The Executive Board appreciated the interest and the fact that some volunteers have experience in the two earlier Executive Board Election Code of Conduct Teams.

The Executive Board considered all individuals to be appropriate for the formation of the team and decided to accept all applications. The Board expressed its appreciation to all candidates who sent in their applications.

Resolution EB#164-R-01:
The RIPE NCC Executive Board resolves to select the following individuals to form the Code of Conduct (CoC) Team for the Executive Board elections taking place during the General Meeting (GM) May 2023:

  • Cynthia Revström
  • Arnold Nipper
  • Dr. Annie Yanyan Yang
  • Kris Edgar
  • Bill White
  • Nat Morris
  • Sebastian Becker

The RIPE NCC Executive Board unanimously adopted the resolution.