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Minutes 7th Executive Board Meeting

Date: 15th of October 1998 15:00-15:30

The meeting took place immediately after the AGM.

Minutes: Daniel Karrenberg Version: 0.1

Keith Mitchell,
(Chair) Frode Greisen,
Kees Neggers,
Wim Vink,
Wilfried Woeber
Mike Norris,
Daniel Karrenberg


The purpose of the meeting was to agree on Board Meeting Dates in 1999 and to discuss various administrative items pertaining to the Board's functioning.

It was clarified that according to the statutes the new Board would come into office as of 13 November 1998.

It was agreed to add Mike Norris immediately to the Board Mailing List and to include him in any invitations to meetings. See action EB1. Wilfried will stay on the mailing list until further notice. The following dates were agreed upon for future Board meetings: 13.04.1999 06.07.1999 06.10.1999 with the proviso that for urgent matters, telephone conferences will be arranged if considered necessary.

It was agreed that the audited accounts for 1998 will be ready for the meeting in April 1999 and that the October 1999 meeting will be convened to agree upon the Activity Plan for the year 2000.

The new board proceeded to elect officers of the Board. Frode Greisen proposed Keith Mitchell as Chair and this was seconded by Wim Vink whereupon the decision was unanimous. Keith Mitchell proposed Wim Vink as Treasurer and this was seconded by Kees Neggers whereupon the decision was unanimous. Frode Greisen proposed Mike Norris as Secretary and Keith Mitchell seconded the motion whereupon the decision was unanimous. The NCC was asked to ensure that the ratification of these decisions is placed on the agenda for the first regular Board Meeting in 1999.

The Board was also unanimous in its commendations to Wilfried for all his good work during his term as member. They'd like to make further use of his expertise in the coming months and to this end he will be kept on the Board Mailing List for the time being.

Actions this meeting

EB1-15/10/98 DK Add MN to Board Mailing List etc. OPEN 1015
EB2-15/10/98 NCC Send info. to Chamber of Commerce re.
new Board member OPEN