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Minutes 170th Executive Board Meeting

26 October-1 November 2023, Meeting by email


Daniella Coutinho





On 6 October 2023 the proposed amendments to the Articles of Association were discussed by the RIPE NCC Executive Board (the Board) during EB#168. The amendments aim to make the structure of requirements for Board candidates more robust. The Board evaluated the text and requested some adjustments.

The adjustments to the proposed amendments to the Articles of Association were made and the document was shared by email. The Board agreed with the adjustments and asked the RIPE NCC to prepare the document for the upcoming General Meeting.

Resolution EB#170-R-01
The RIPE NCC Executive Board approves the amendments to the “RIPE NCC Articles of Association” and instructs the preparation of a relevant resolution for the adoption of the proposed amendments by the next General Meeting.