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Minutes 83rd Executive Board Meeting

Minutes of the RIPE NCC Executive Board Meeting EB #83, 19 April 2012

Hotel Grand Union, Ljubljana. (16:00-16:10)

Author: Sabine Mader

Date: 2012/04/27

Revision No.: 1.0

Status: Approved

Maintainer: Sabine Mader


Fahad AlShirawi

Dmitry Burkov

Christian Kaufmann

Remco van Mook

Nigel Titley

János Zsakó

Sabine Mader, Assistant to the Managing Director, RIPE NCC


1. Distribution of functions within the RIPE NCC Executive Board

After the re-election of Dmitry Burkov the Board agreed to keep the functions as follows:

Fahad AlShirawi, Member

Dmitry Burkov, ICANN Liaison

Christian Kaufmann, Secretary

Remco van Mook, Treasurer

Nigel Titley, Chairman

János Zsakó, Adviser

The meeting was adjourned at 16:10 local time (UTC+2).