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Minutes 9th Executive Board Meeting

Version: 1.0

Keith Mitchell,
Frode Greisen,
Kees Neggers,
Wim Vink,
Mike Norris
Daniel Karrenberg,


1) Latest ICANN Developments
2) Address Supporting Organisation for ICANN
3) Extraordinary General Meeting
4) AOB

1) Latest ICANN Developments

Discuss how to react on the latest Bylaws changes.


Last minute modifications of the bylaws of ICANN were discussed and in particular Section VI/1/f of Version 7. It states "No recommendation of a Supporting Organization shall be adopted unless the votes in favor of adoption would be sufficient for adoption by the Board without taking account of either the Directors nominated for election by that Supporting Organization or their votes."

The board is concerned about this change and the lack of consultation of the ICANN board with the possible Supporting Organisations (SO) on this issue. It appears that the ICANN board does not recognise the legitimacy of the address and protocol SO's and their processes.

The board decided to politely and formally express their concern and ask for clarification on the rationale behind this modification. The statement should be constructive, leading to a dialogue. It shall also ask ICANN for a clarification about what happens in case a proposal comes from elsewhere that effects primarily a SO or if there is an amendment of a proposal by an SO. The board will also invite the ICANN board and Ms. Dyson in particular to attend the following board meeting to be held on January 26th.

The board will issue regular updates on this process to the membership in order to keep them informed and to solicit comments. The board re-affirms that it has the mandate from the membership to progress this and to make agreements with ICANN. The board wishes to assert its mandate and act but at the same time it wants to keep the membership involved and give them enough time and room before decisions are made.

2) Address Supporting Organization for ICANN

The board decided to intensify discussion with the boards of the other RIRs based on the principles agreed in Geneva and further drafts being developed jointly. The aim is to jointly publish a revised and more detailed principles document later in December.

Daniel will communicate to Paul Wilson to APNIC and ARIN that we do not need to hold a meeting of the membership to formally decide, that we need time for announcements and consultations and inform them that as a matter of policy we are doing this.

All the board members agree to actively participate in the discussion with the other boards and the membership.

On the question on whether the address SO needs to be incorporated as a separate legal entity the boards leans towards doing so but will take a position only after further consultations.

Daniel requested the board to think about the particular procedures to use within the RIPE NCC to designate members of ASO bodies and ICANN board nominees and whether changes to the RIPE / RIPE NCC policy making process were needed.

The ICANN membership Advisory Committee:

ICANN is looking for people to serve on the Advisory Committee. The board decided that the RIPE NCC should not get involved as such in order to avoid given teh appearance of seeking undue influence. DK will mention this to Rob Blokzijl and see whether RIPE as such wants to take part.

4. Any Other Business

The board expressed concern about recent public statements by EuroISPA which can be interpreted to question the RIPE NCC's legitimacy to represent ISPs in matters of address policy. Wim Vink is going to contact EuroISPA about this issue in order to start a dialog. Kees Neggers offered to contact the Dutch ISPA on the same issue after being briefed by Wim or Daniel.

Actions this meeting

No. Date Who What Status

TC7 2/12/98 DK To send a letter to ICANN ASAP

TC8 2/12/98 DK/KM To draft a letter to membership
after the IETF meeting OPEN

TC9 2/12/98 All Discuss the bylaws draft of the ASO OPEN

TC10 2/12/98 All Have a board meeting on the 26th of OPEN
January 99 or early 27th to meet with
Esther Dyson.

TC11 2/12/98 DK Will give a statement to membership about
current happenings and goals. lat DEC

TC12 2/12/98 DK Contact Rob about the ICANN membership
committee ASAP