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Minutes 13th Executive Board Meeting

Draft Minutes

Version: 1.2

Keith Mitchell, (KM)
Frode Greisen, (FG)
Kees Neggers, (KN)
Wim Vink, (WV)
Mike Norris (MN)
Daniel Karrenberg, (DK)

KM chaired the meeting.
The agenda was agreed as follows:

1.1 ASO

1.2 Root Server Operations

2. MD Recruitment

2.1 Progress Update

3. NCC activity plan 2000

4. Next Meeting

5. MD Recruitment
Interview/Re-advertise ?

1.1 ASO formation progress (report on this evening's meeting with
other RIRs)

KM, DK, WV and KN had productive meetings with members of the
Executive Boards of the other two RIRs who have approved with some
minor changes to Scott Bradner's proposal and have circulated the amended
proposal to the Gar-Boards list. The submission will consist of two documents, the proposal itself and a cover letter which is being prepared by Geoff Huston. This will be an essential document that will contain the rationale behind the ASO, and it is to be published together with the ASO draft. It was decided that KM approves the cover letter.

The next stage is to circulate the proposal with the cover letter to the groups forming AFRINIC and LatiNIC as well as the RIR communities.
This should happen at an early stage, because they were not at the meeting.
John Currann has taken an action to meet with the CIX Board and essentially
present the proposals and the arguments to them.

The draft is not out yet, but needs to be sent with the cover letter
to our membership at the same time we send it to AFRINIC and LatiNIC.
We also need to draw support for our proposal from a major number of
ISP's. We should organize that our membership can express support to
ICANN in some way, and we should suggest it to everyone. Board and
management should contact some of the major ones.

It is planned to submit this proposal to ICANN before the 26th of July. Solicitation for RIPE community support will be done by Daniel, who will create a schema so that the efforts can be consolidated, including contacting people personally. Mail will also be sent to the ncc-co List, to the RIPE list. Also the Board could speak to individual ISPs saying that its important that ICANN sees a lot of  support. We need assurance that there will be support before we submit i.e. before 26. This will be an indication of our support that
ICANN needs.

Drafting the MoU with ICANN is the next step.

Contracts between ICANN and the RIRs will be done after that. The RIRs will have to agree on the principles for these contracts even though they may not be exactly the same, because they may be in different legal jurisdictions. Principles however, should be discussed and agreed.

EuroISPA: It was decided that subsequent to previous unsuccessful
attempts to set up a meeting with their Council, to approach them
again and explain to their council that we have a new proposal.

1.2 Root Server Operations

DK reported on the root server operators meeting and the RSSAC meeting
earlier in the week.
DK reported that he will sign a Memorandum of Participation with ICANN to
participate in ICANN's study of Improvements to Management of the Internet
Root Server System.

2. MD Recruitment
2.1 Progress Update
The progress on the MD recruitement is reviewed.

3. NCC activity plan 2000 (5 mins verbal briefing from Daniel)
The main change will be that the Test Traffic Project will move from the New services category to "Membership Services" which will replace and subsume the "Registration Activities" category. There will be no concrete charging scheme proposed yet for Test Traffic. That will be developed during 2000. There is enough interest in Test Traffic to make it a service that will be self sustainable eventually.

Another significant change will be that two new acivities will be added under the New Actities Area: 1. Routing Information Service (questions like 'How did the the routing look like from the point of view of a a specific AS at a specific time?')
2. Routing Registry Consistency and Reality Check (focus will be to get consistent data for BGP origin authentication .

As far as growth is concerned we do not have concrete figures yet, in
terms of membership the current "guesstimate" is 1.5 per calendar day.
DK does not expect extraordinary growth, he expects it to be the smallest growth in the history of the RIPE NCC in terms of personnel and expenditure.

MN suggests to look at the membership survey and to relate the activity plan to that. DK responds that this is an excellent idea andthat this will be done. On the issue of advanced courses, which was one point mentioned in the survey, DK explains that new course material is already being developed this year and we are hoping to havean advanced course in the autumn.

4. Next Meeting

7th September at the NCC offices, lunch 1200, meeting starts 1300

5.MD Recruitment: Interview/Re-advertise ?
[DK left the meeting for this point]

Actions this meeting
No. Date Who What Status

TC 20 25/06/99 KM Approval the cover letter OPEN

TC 21 25/06/99 DK Solicitation of ISP Support OPEN

TC 22 25/06/99 KM KM Will take an action to approach EuroISPA OPEN
via ISPA UK.

TC 23 25/06/99 DK Will sign ICANN Document at the CAO OPEN