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Minutes 146th Executive Board Meeting / Meeting with Works Council


Piotr Strzyżewski






  • Christian Kaufmann (CK), Chair
  • Raymond Jetten (RJ), Member
  • Job Snijders (JS), Member
  • Piotr Strzyżewski (PS), Secretary

  • Hans Petter Holen (HPH), Managing Director, RIPE NCC

  • Fallon Albrecht (FA), OR Member, RIPE NCC
  • Alena Muravska (AM), OR Member, RIPE NCC
  • Marco Schmidt (MS), OR Member, RIPE NCC
  • Noelle Starliper (NS), OR Member, RIPE NCC

1. Welcome and agenda

The Chairman opened the meeting at 13:00 and welcomed everyone. No additional agenda topics were brought forward.

2. RIPE NCC EB and Works Council meetings

RIPE NCC EB and Works Council (Ondernemingsraad, OR) discussed possible dates, format, and structure of future meetings.

3. Remuneration and benchmarking project

RIPE NCC EB and OR discussed outcomes of remuneration and benchmarking project.

4. AOB

RIPE NCC EB and OR discussed 360 Degrees Reviews and company culture change.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 14:00 (UTC+2).