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Minutes 144th Executive Board Meeting


Piotr Strzyżewski






  • Christian Kaufmann (CK), Chairman
  • Ondřej Filip (OF), Treasurer
  • Maria Häll (MH), Member
  • Raymond Jetten (RJ), Member
  • Remco van Mook (RvM), Member
  • Job Snijders (JS), Member
  • Piotr Strzyżewski (PS), Secretary
  • Falk von Bornstaedt (FvB)
  • Hans Petter Holen (HPH), Managing Director, RIPE NCC

1. Welcome and agenda

The Chairman opened the meeting at 12:15 and welcomed everyone. It was noted that all members of the RIPE NCC Executive Board (the Board) were present. No additional agenda topics were brought forward.

2. Distribution of functions within the RIPE NCC Executive Board

After the election of Job Snijders and the re-election of Piotr Strzyżewski, the RIPE NCC Executive Board members agreed to assign the functions as required by the RIPE NCC Articles of Association:

  • Ondřej Filip, Treasurer
  • Maria Häll, Member
  • Raymond Jetten, Member
  • Christian Kaufmann, Chairman
  • Remco van Mook, Member
  • Job Snijders, Member
  • Piotr Strzyżewski, Secretary

The RIPE NCC Executive Board thanked the leaving board member Falk von Bornstaedt for his excellent contributions and dedicated work during his term as RIPE NCC Executive Board Member from 2018 until 2021. In particular, Falk von Bornstaedt was involved in the Rob Blokzijl Foundation and he was engaged in the transition to a new MD as member of the hiring committee.

3. AOB

The RIPE NCC Executive Board confirmed the date of next board meeting and discussed onboarding of new board member.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 12:30 (UTC+2).