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Minutes 8th Executive Board Meeting

Version: 0.1

Keith Mitchell,
Frode Greisen,
Kees Neggers,
Wim Vink,
Mike Norris
Daniel Karrenberg,
and Rob Blokzijl by invitation from Daniel Karrenberg.

Not present:
Wilfried Woeber sends his apologies.


The meeting was devoted to discuss developments regarding ICANN and in particular the Address Supporting Organisation (ASO) and to determine the RIPE NCC's position on these issues.

DK informed the board about his discussions with the other RIR CEOs during the previous week and a short meeting with IANA operational staff on November 2nd. The RIR meeting had been very successful for operational coordination. Progress had been made in many areas including the drafting of an initial IPv6 aggregate-able address space allocation and assignment policy. It was hoped to produce a draft for ratification by the regional policy bodies by early December.

The issue of the ASO had been thoroughly discussed at the RIR CEO level. DK informed the board about these discussions and their conclusions. After thorough discussion the board decided to pursue an ASO which is strongly based on hierarchical representation. The established regional policy making processes should form the basis of the ASO which is comprised of regional registries as members. Care should be taken to avoid situations where those involved in RIPE and RIPE NCC processes will be obliged to also participate in a global process.

The board felt very strongly about these conclusions and there were no reservations. It was agreed that this structure should be pursued vigorously. The board decided to keep close contact with the other RIR boards regarding the ASO and ICANN. It was also decided to brief ICANN board members about these issues whenever the opportunity arises. It was agreed that the board will work with the other RIRs in order to make common statements about these issues in a timely fashion.

The Board commended DK on his actions in this matter.

Actions this meeting

No. Date Who What Status
TC1 4/11/98 KM circulate position statement on RIPE NCC's
viewpoint regarding ASO OPEN

TC2 4/11/98 All Give Keith feedback on TC1 OPEN

TC3 4/11/98 KM Organise RIR Board Contacts OPEN

TC4 4/11/98 All Discuss with other Boards OPEN

TC5 4/11/98 All Indicate availability for the ICANN meetings
on the 14th and/or 25th Nov. OPEN

TC6 4/11/98 DK Draft ASO structure as mentioned in meeting today
and distribute to the Board OPEN