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Re: Services Operations WG

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  • From: (Peter Dawe)
  • Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 08:44:51 GMT
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Stef=qed@localhost wrote :

>OK -- I can easily see how Interenet Service Providers have fallen
>into separately using the DNS MX tools in mounting their products.
>But, what have they done to coordinate this use, or put this facility
>in place, etc.
>Where were they as we tried to deal with the need for a C=US INTERNET
>X.400 ADMD name?  Where are they in the efforts of the US-NMTS to deal
>with building a C=US National X.400 backbone?  Where are they when it
>comes to discussing how Commercial ADAM Service Providrs will connect
>to the Internet?
We have been having productive discussions with the X.400 community in
Europe! Working with the GO-MHS initiative. In particular educating
the ADMD community about the Internet and in particular advising the
use of RFC 1??? for RFC821/2 <-> X.400 mapping.

Progress so far:-

1) Both sides now realise that they need to inter-connect
2) The X.400 side is close to being convinced about using RFC 1???
3) We are close to understanding the business models that will allow
commercial deployment of RFC821/822 <-> X.400 mapping

For PIPEX's part, in order to facilitate the Interconnection we are
now offering to any ADMD a gatewaying service for their Internet 
customers. We are a UK registered ADMD so we can peer at the ADMD level
and we hope to offer a IP PRMD-PRMD peering solution shortly.

What the service providers cannot do is offer free a service that has
significant costs. Gatewaying is not trivial. Also the X.400 business 
model allows for settlement which may need to be charged to the sender! 

Watch out for the report currently being drafted by Steve Kille(ISODE),
Amanda Jobbins (Mercury), Walter Tietz(DBP) and myself(PIPEX)!

Peter Dawe

ps a great deal of internet work is done outside the US now!

Peter Dawe, Joint Managing Director	Email: peter@localhost
Unipalm Limited, PIPEX, XTECH		Voice: +44(0)223 420002
216 The Science Park, Milton Road	Fax:    +44(0)223 426868
Cambridge, England, CB4 4WA
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