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Do you want to quickly learn how to use the RIPE Database or how to enable Resource Certification (RPKI) - all without leaving your desk?

Our one-hour, interactive webinars offer RIPE NCC members the chance to learn about these topics from RIPE NCC trainers, watch live demonstrations and have their questions answered. We limit the number of participants so that our trainers can address your individual questions.

We offer the following webinars:

Learn the basics of the RIPE Database, including the relationship between objects and how to create person, role and maintainer objects.

Special Speaker
Job Snijders, RIPE Database Working Group co-Chair, will join this webinar. Job will deliver a short presentation, after which you can ask questions. The webinar will take half an hour longer than usual.

Learn how to register your assignments in the RIPE Database, and create route and route6 objects.

Learn how to use Resource Certification (RPKI) in your BGP decision-making process.

Learn how to get your IPv6 allocation and how to register IPv6-related data in the RIPE Database (assignments, reverse DNS and route6 objects).

Learn about what it means to be an LIR and how to make the most of your membership.

Learn all about the best practices for building your own IPv6 addressing plan.