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Developer Documentation

Documentation detailing the various APIs made available by the RIPE NCC.


The RIPE Database RESTful Web Services API are REST interfaces to the Whois Database. The latest version of the API offers full CRUD support and also new advanced methods to programmatically manipulate RIPE Database objects. Read More

The LIR Portal "My Resources" API

The LIR Portal offers an API that allows you to fetch all private information available about your Internet number resources, such as IPv4, IPv6 and Autonomous System Numbers, in JSON and XML format. The output contains various details about your resources such as registration date, status, related ticket number and the link to the relevant RIPE Database object. Because the information is private to your LIR, you will need to create an API Access Key to fetch it. Read More

The LIR Portal "IP Analyser" API

The LIR Portal offers an API that allows you to fetch specific information about your Internet number resources in a plain text report or JSON format. You can fetch an overview of all your assignments, all available free space in your allocations and all invalid assignments that require your attention. Because the information is private to your LIR, you will need to create an API Access Key to fetch it. Read More


RIPE Atlas is the next generation active Internet measurement system operated by the RIPE NCC. Our goal is to deploy thousands of active probes primarily in the RIPE NCC service region and measure the Internet infrastructure in real time. The RIPE Atlas API allows you to access the data and create your graphs. Read More


RIPEstat is a modular and extendable toolbox designed as a single point of access to Internet-related data maintained by the RIPE NCC and other sources. The RIPEstat toolbox provides the current status as well as the historical values and statistics for Internet number resources. This toolbox is being developed in close cooperation with the community. The RIPEstat Data API is the data interface for RIPEstat. Read More

RIPEstat Text Service and CLI

The RIPEstat Text Service offers the same information about Internet number resources as the regular RIPEstat web interface, but in a text-based format. It is accessible over TCP on port 43, and there is an open-source CLI available to download and install. You can also modify it and contribute your changes to the community-maintained source code. Read More

RPKI Validator API

The RPKI Validator API allows you to export all Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) in CSV and JSON format. In addition, you can query the Validator for the RPKI validity state of a BGP announcement through a RESTful API. The responses are in JSON format and in addition to the validity state, the ROAs that caused the state are returned, along with the reason. Read More

RPKI Management API

The RPKI Management API allows you to set up and manage your Certificate Authority and ROAs systematically. Everything that you can do within the management interface in the LIR Portal is possible in the API, ranging from requesting which BGP announcements you do with your certified address space, to creating ROAs and setting up alerts. The API accepts HTTP POST messages with JSON in the payload. Read More

Resource Request API

The Resource Request API allows you to submit requests for Internet number resources to the RIPE NCC. Read More