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IXP Country Jedi (Alpha)

Measuring whether local Internet traffic paths stay local.

This project is currently in Alpha

The IXP Country Jedi provides visualisations of Internet traffic paths (traceroutes) between RIPE Atlas probes located in the same country to answer the following questions:

  • Do the target paths take out-of-country detours?
  • Do we see IXPs in the paths?

IXP Country Jedi

Select your country of interest (by two letter country code) to see information for that country in IXP Country Jedi. The information can be viewed in several ways.


Provides maps showing the IPv4 paths (left) and IPv6 paths (right) seen in traceroutes.

IXP Country

Provides a matrix view of all probe-to-probe measurements between ASNs.

AS Graph

Provides a topological view of paths between probes


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