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Billing, Payment and Fees

Membership Fees

RIPE NCC members pay a membership fee every year. For 2020, this fee is €1,400. This is charged on a pro rata basis for new member. New members also pay a sign-up fee, which is currently €2,000. Members can have more than one LIR account, but they must pay the membership and sign-up fee for each LIR account.  Members also pay €50 per independent assignment or legacy resource.

The membership fee is based on the current RIPE NCC Charging Scheme, which was approved by the membership at the RIPE NCC General Meeting.



Find information on when and how you will receive an invoice, and how to pay your membership fee.

If the billing address for your account has changed, or if you have a new contact for billing-related information, please update your details in the LIR Portal.

Find more information on how to change your VAT number.

If you have any questions about billing, please complete our contact form.

LIRs will have to pay the full annual service fee for the year in question before they can commence a merger, transfer resources or close their LIR account.