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Receiving and Paying Invoices

Receiving Your Invoice

Each member will receive the invoice for each LIR account they hold.

The invoicing schedule appears in the billing procedure.

Please note: If you require your invoice to include a purchase order (PO) number, it is your responsibility to provide a valid PO number on the Billing Details page (requires authentication). Please check this with the billing contact in your organisation. If you still need assistance with this, please contact us.

How to Make a Payment

You can pay invoices via a bank transfer or an online payment system. The RIPE NCC does not accept cheques or direct debit as methods of payments.

All invoices sent by the RIPE NCC by email (in PDF format) include a unique payment URL. This will take you to a payment screen where you can complete your transaction by selecting your payment method.

The RIPE NCC uses a trusted third party, Adyen, to process the online payments. Below are listed the different payment options available:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Paypal

You can view your payment status on the Billing Details page. Additionally, by accessing the unique secure payment link on each invoice, you can verify whether the RIPE NCC has received your payment once it has been made. Please note that it can take some time before payments are processed.

It usually takes one business day before credit card payments are processed. It can take up to one week before bank transfers are processed.

If the Billing Details page still shows that the invoice is outstanding after you have paid, it could be that the RIPE NCC is unable to identify your payment due to an unclear or missing payment reference. This is why you should always provide your customer and invoice numbers as the payment reference.

To remove any doubt, you should always send a proof of payment to the RIPE NCC billing department with all the relevant payment details (bank account holder's account number, bank account holder's name, transaction reference, date of transfer and amount transferred) as well as the invoice number.

What To Do if Your Credit Card Payment is Cancelled

The reasons might be:

  • Incorrect credit card details entered
  • Insufficient funds on the credit card
  • Anti-fraud security measure

Please double check the credit card details you entered. In either of the last two cases, please contact your credit card issuer.

If you have questions or experience problems settling your invoice, please contact the RIPE NCC billing department.

Penalties for Not Paying Your Invoice

Payment is due 30 days from the date of invoice. If you have an invoice older than 30 days, the services provided by the RIPE NCC might be restricted.

If you fail to make payment within 120 days, the RIPE NCC will terminate your RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement and consequently all the LIR accounts that you hold will be closed. Please be aware that after 120 days, a fee of EUR 1,000 and all outstanding fees must be paid to re-activate your RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement.

Inability To Pay Due To External Circumstances

The RIPE NCC supports the operations of its members and Internet stability more generally.

In cases where we believe that external circumstances will justifiably limit members' ability to pay, we may grant a payment extension.

This is intended for events occurring at the global, regional or national scale rather than matters affecting individual members.

Cancelling Your Membership

RIPE NCC service fees are non-refundable and will therefore will not be reimbursed if you cancel your membership.

For more information, see article 6.6 in the document “RIPE NCC Articles of Association”.

When a member ends their RIPE NCC membership in the course of the RIPE NCC financial year, the service fee for that year must still be paid in full.